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Song of the Day - 9, 10 July 2013

Updated on July 10, 2013

The Blood Arm - "Oh Ali Bell!"

On their new album Infinite Nights, The Blood Arm went in a different direction. Instead of going in their usual rock direction, they added a dark ambience to a few songs. "Oh Ali Bell!" stood out for me because of the piano playing in the introduction. It's a very sweet melody, backed by an acoustic guitar, and although it's fairly slower than older songs of The Blood Arm, it is still mesmerizing. Definitely worth a listen.

Where To Get The Single

Born Cages - "Don't Look Back"

At first listen, you would think Born Cages were veterans in the Alternative Rock world. But in fact, their new release called The Sidelines EP is the first official release for the band. "Don't Look Back" is a great single because it is just one of those stand out alternative songs that restores your faith in the future of Rock & Roll. I'm sure their next musical venture will be well worth the wait!


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