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Eugene Songwriter Shares Inspiration for folk song: "Let you in"

Updated on November 30, 2020
girlpower profile image

girlpower lives in the Pacific Northwest. She's an author, a blogger and lives with a man that builds cigar box guitars.

Dreams of a Generation

Taking the time to breathe

Enjoying a quiet moment in the Present.
Enjoying a quiet moment in the Present.

Songwriter shares inspiration for folk song by girlpower named "Let You In"

"LET YOU IN" was written ten years ago when girlpower and Vinnie of Nervous Rex band had intense writing sessions. These songwriting creations were done in the early days of their collaboration, in the early 1990s during a time when the world was producing more and more music that represented a chaotic time when the generation of love and peace went through growing pains, growth that reflected the creative, expansive mind set, at a time when women were still finding their voice; a time when relationships sometimes were sacrificed for the need to be free from convention.

The world was changing after the seventies and eighties from the generation of "live and let live," in a time where the sexual revolution caused many stable people to experiment in many ventures; of which took many of us to move from place to place, or from relationship to relationship. All in the expression of freedom we transformed ourselves into people who lived lives of which our mothers and fathers only dreamed of. It was a different world of our parents, our world, a mystery to them, their sons and daughters listening to the beat of different drummers, rebellious against a society that seemed to suppress the creative culture born in the seventies. Many of us Midwest refugees moved to either coast in the hopes of finding something more. Many of us starting up lives that were far different from which we were raised. We wanted to be a culture of peace and love, a culture that encouraged women's liberation, a culture that believed in equal rights for all, a culture that embraced civil rights, a culture that people cared about the environment and how we treated the earth . We were a generation of men and women who wanted to end war being the solution to anything. Is that so wrong?


Of course many of us eventually assimilated into society, became the tax base of America, and wanted to change the world from the inside.  Some of our generation stayed on the fringes of America and seemed to drop out from society in general.  Some of us managed to do both.  Now older and hopefully wiser, the baby boomers are a force to be reckoned with.  You can see it in how many of us voted in a President that even ten years ago seemed impossible.  Is it our chance to change the world again but this time by voting in men and women in Congress who reflect our values?  Values that until now have been drowned out by people who look at our generation as outsiders.  We will see if we can transform our nation into a world vision of people who make up the global community.

Let you in was born of such rebellion.  Written about a friend of ours and her struggle she encountered when she discovered that the love of her life was cheating on her. "Let you In is a raw and somewhat dark expression of when things go wrong, when people are torn apart and everything they had come to know is within moments destroyed and betrayed.  It is a song about longing, about wavering between what we know and what we want to believe.  Have you ever been locked out of someones heart by your own actions?   Have you ever been the one betrayed, the one left behind? 

Lyric's to Let You In


"Let You In"  Lyrics:

Oh, you're so cold, you act as if you're three years old. And now you stand there with that grin. I'm not going to let you in.

There's no wrong from right. Four am and were in some fight.You come to me before daylight. No you re not staying here tonight.

Oh, you're so cold, you act as if you're three years old, and now you stand there with that grin I'm not going to let you in. Oh no, no, no.


Link to "Let you In"

Link to the acoustic version of Let you in.


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