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Sons of Anarchy: Preview "Laying Pipe"

Updated on September 25, 2012

It has only been two episodes in to what already looks like another incredible season. Kurt Sutter has done a terrific job with this show and with every passing season it seems to gain more and more traction as one of the best shows on television. It is a shame that because it is only on FX, it does not get the recognition that other shows like Breaking Bad gets. Sons of Anarchy is a terrific drama television drama that vaguely falls in line with Shakespeare's Hamlet. Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) serving as the titular character Hamlet dealing with the betrayal of his mother who served in a part to kill his father, the King. As for this season though, Jax has taken over as the new president of the club and he is forced to deal with the fallout of his step-father's mistakes. Clay, the former president, is a shell of what he used to be yet he still seems to be scheming. The season premiere ended with the viewers seeing the Teller household being broken into and Unser inside of it being beaten to death. One of them had a fake leg, but on the top of my head I can't think of anyone that we have seen with a missing leg. Unser told Sheriff Roosevelt that the break in felt "white", putting to rest the suspicion that it was one of Damon Pope's men. The other issue would be Pope in itself, who has shown previously that he has plenty of power as he burnt Tig's daughter in front of him. Tig is responsible for the heat that is coming down on the club as he killed Pope's daughter incidentally in the previous season. As if all of that is not enough, the club has one more issue. The RICO case still hangs over their heads thanks in large part to Juice when Roosevelt and Lincoln Potter. Jax is certainly in for a bumpy ride as the new president. He should take a moment to remember a line he had back in the Pilot when he told Clay, "It ain't easy being King."

Damon Pope (Harold Perrineau) is looking for blood. Tig for sure, but his main target is certainly Jax. He doesn't want to just make Tig pay for killing his daughter, he wants the entire club to pay. As for the break-ins throughout Charming, it is highly unlikely that it is Pope. If it were Pope, I'd expect it to include murders. Now with club members in behind bars, Pope can have his men easily reach them. Jax is hopeful that his ties to the Cartel that he will have protection. It is highly unlikely that they will get protection as Alvarez didn't seem to thrilled over the idea. In the preview for the next episode we were treated to a stand off between Pope and Jax. In it, Jax says "I'm not going to war." To which Pope responds by saying, "Your already in it, son."

Kurt Sutter as gone ahead pronouncing that someone will die in "Laying Pipe." With some of the Sons being in jail, it is even more likely. It makes sense if it were to be Tig considering how he has always been a little bit of a loose cannon in the club and Pope's hatred for him at the moment. However, I don't think it will be that simple. Things are never that simple in Charming.

As for who may die in the next episode, my betting money is on Opie. He is truly the most tragic character on the show for everything he has lost thanks to the club, but when I really think about it, the show is about Jax. What character's death would mean the most to him? Opie. When you take in the full picture of things, Opie and Jax are getting closer now as Jax truly needs Opie to be able to run the club. Jax trusts Opie above everyone else aside from Tara. If Pope were to murder Opie, that would be the final straw. Jax would lose his cool and be all about war on Pope. He has been reacting all season to Pope's actions, if Opie were to be the one getting the axe then Jax wouldn't be reacting any more. He would be the one looking for blood. The other potential character that could be getting killed off is Juice for his involvement in the RICO case. It is highly unlikely to me considering Ashley Tisdale is signed on for a few episodes this season as a love interest to Juice. That puts that to rest.

Who dies in "Laying Pipe"?

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You can expect one more thing from this episode, Jax's ex wife Wendy making a return in hopes of seeing her son Abel. She tried to pull one over on Tara and Gemma last season, which blew up in her face, but it isn't likely shes just going to walk away. Last time she was around she told Jax she wasn't leaving and she actually has told the truth in that area. Towards the end of the season, she told Gemma she just wants to be a part of Abel's life, and if she isn't she will take her case to a judge. A judge would side with Wendy of a convicted felon like Jax any day for a custody battle. With Jax having to deal with so much, I would expect Tara to take these kind of matters into her own hands. Especially with her being the new Mrs. Teller.


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