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Sony 60 Inch TV

Updated on June 14, 2010

Cool Features of Sony 60 Inch TVs

You mean besides the gigantic size? Well, one thing the Sony has is a built-in memory stick slot, which is really nice if you want to input your digital pictures and watch them on the big screen to torment your friends with family photos. Or tell your nephew Jake about your exciting fishing trip last summer. You can customize slideshows complete with background MP3 music playing. Very cool. This is 60 inches of pure entertainment.

Sony is famous for its S-Master patent technology. The S-Master gives you high quality dialogue at 15 watts per channel. So you know your audio is taken care of with a Sony TV.

The Sony 60 inch TV has a nice Cable Card slot. This allows you to access your cable without the need for a set-top box. This is good for HDTV, digital cable, analog, and the premium stations as well.

Fixing Common Problems with Sony 60 Inch TV Picture

If you have any trouble with the picture on your giant Sony 60 inch tv, there are some simple solutions you can try right now to fix the problem and get back to where you belong, on your couch.

First thing to look for on any picture problem is the cable box. Especially if you are seeing any snow, the cable box may need to be plugged in better. The cable connections may need to be secured and this is a really simple fix. If you continue to see lines or snow, you may need to contact your cable provider. Cable quality may need to improve for your Sony to work better.

If your problem is the color is gone in your picture, the best thing to do is take it down to the repair shop. Or, then again, have the repair shop come to you because your TV is enormous.


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