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Sony Portable Radio

Updated on June 4, 2010

Sony Portable Radios Features to Look For

 The design of the Sony portable radio differs with the exact models. Some are kind of bulky and others are really compact to fit on your bedside easily. Other than size, there are many different looks and styles, so it is important to look at actual pictures of the device before making a purchase.

Sony puts many different radio channels into their devices. They pretty much all have basic AM/FM capabiities and an easy weather channel to listen to. If getting basic television station channels is a big thing for you then just shop around, because there are Sony portable radios that give you tv stations. Some have a strong music emphasis and others do a great job with talk radio. And some have everything.

Radio settings are important as far as utility. Find out how many presets you are able to program into the radio and how easy of a task this is. Sonys are nice because they tend to make it very easy for you to program in your favorite channels with a single button.

Comparison of Sony Portable Radio Models

  • Sony E Series Walkman- The design is compact, it can fit right on your nightstand. The screen is very bright and easy to see. There is no podcast support and the battery life doesn't last as long as it did in previous versions of the E Series. It is a really good value at around $85 to $110.
  • Sony S Series Walkman- This is an inexpensive radio for your entry-level mp3 player. If this is your first Sony portable radio then you may be pleased. But this is not an upgrade from your  previous Sony.
  • Sony X Series Walkman- This is your most expensive option if you want a luxury device for around $275. It has everything you could  want in a portable radio and the battery lasts for a long time.


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