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20 South Park Trivia Questions

Updated on March 1, 2015

South Park has been making millions laugh since it’s debut in 1997. With 18 seasons and hundreds of raunchy, hilarious, and downright wrong episodes, the makers of this show have made it blatantly clear that they are not afraid to make fun of anyone or anything that exists on this planet. Some might call it offensive while others laugh it off in good fun. The show means no harm!

If you’re a part of the loyal fan base who has watched this show since August of ‘97, then you likely know quite a bit about the show and all of the characters and antics that have taken place. Put that knowledge to a test by taking this South Park Trivia!

These South Park trivia questions range from easy to hard, and will definitely test how well you have actually paid attention. Take this South Park Trivia now!


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  1. What was the first episode of South Park to ever air?
    • a. Ike’s Wee Wee
    • b. Cartman Gets An Anal Probe
    • c. Tom’s Rhinoplasty
    • d. Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride
  2. What is the name of Mr. Garrison’s gay companion?
    • a. Mr. Slave
    • b. Big Gay Al
    • c. Barbara
    • d. Finkletoes
  3. What is the name of the stoner towel in the show?
    • a. Mr. Towel
    • b. Woolie
    • c. Towelie
    • d. Cheech the Towel
  4. What is the name of the cranky, disgusting bus driver?
    • a. Ottoman
    • b. Ms. Crabcakes
    • c. Mrs. Crabtree
    • d. “Evil bitch”
  5. What is in the bus driver’s nappy hair?
    • a. Lice
    • b. A crab
    • c. Crab lice
    • d. A bird
  6. Mr. Garrison gets a sex change and then what happens?
    • a. He “she” discovers he’s not gay anymore, but a lesbian
    • b. Mr. Slave leaves him
    • c. He discovers “scissoring”
    • d. All of the above
  7. What color hair does Kyle have underneath that green hat?
    • a. Brown
    • b. He’s bald
    • c. Red
    • d. Blonde
  8. How do you tell the difference between an American and a Canadian in South Park?
    • a. Canadians fart a lot more
    • b. Canadians have heads separated at the mouth
    • c. Canadians have beady eyes
    • d. Both b and c
  9. What does Stan do when is is nervous?
    • a. He throws up
    • b. He farts
    • c. Gets acute onset diarrhea
    • d. All of the above
  10. Who does Stan have a crush on?
    • a. Ms. Cartman
    • b. Wendy Testaburger
    • c. Bebe Stevens
    • d. The goth girl
  11. Jesus has a talk show, what is the name of it?
    • a. Earth Circus
    • b. Jesus Loves You, Yes I do
    • c. Jesus and Pals
    • d. I’ll Save You
  12. If someone likes fish sticks, it is said that…
    • a. They smell bad
    • b. They’re a gay fish
    • c. They are gay
    • d. They like fishing
  13. What is Eric Cartman’s middle name?
    • a. Jeremiah
    • b. Theodore
    • c. Kyle
    • d. Barbie
  14. Most police departments go by the slogan “to serve and protect.” What is the slogan of the South Park police department?
    • a. To spy and provoke
    • b. To serve and neglect
    • c. To patronize and annoy
    • d. To drink coffee and eat donuts
  15. In the skiing episode, what is said to make you have a bad time?
    • a. If you french fry when you’re supposed to pizza
    • b. If you pizza when you’re supposed to french fry
    • c. If you try to ski up the mountain
    • d. If you have your skis on the wrong feet
  16. In one of the episodes, Cartman draws a face on his hand that comes to life as a celebrity. What celebrity is it?
    • a. Brad Pitt
    • b. Jennifer Lopez
    • c. Britney Spears
    • d. Ben Affleck
  17. In the Warcraft episode, what is Cartman’s username?
    • a. NotFatt66
    • b. KylesGay
    • c. needCheezypuffS
    • d. bigboNed3
  18. What are the names of the two famous Canadians who have a TV show?
    • a. Terry and Oliver
    • b. Terrance and Phillip
    • c. Tito and Pita
    • d. Tyler and Paris
  19. What is the name of Butters’ alter ego?
    • a. Mr. Evil
    • b. Professor Chaos
    • c. Mr. Thunder
    • d. Professor Foil
  20. Eric Cartman’s mom was featured on the cover of a magazine. What magazine was it?
    • a. Perfect Housekeeper
    • b. Backhoes and Black Hoes
    • c. Crack Whore
    • d. Gay at Home Moms


Get Your Answers!

1.) b Cartman Gets An Anal Probe 2.) a Mr. Slave 3.) c Towelie 4.) c Mrs. Crabtree 5.) d A bird 6.) d All of the above 7.) c Red 8.) d Both b and c 9.) a He throws up 10.) b Wendy Testaburger 11.) c Jesus and Pals 12.) b They’re a gay fish 13.) b Theodore 14.) c To patronize and annoy 15.) a If you french fry when you’re supposed to pizza 16.) b Jennifer Lopez 17.) d bigboNed3 18.) b Terrance and Phillip 19.) b Professor Chaos 20.) c Crack Whore

Now that you have taken the South Park trivia, how well do you really know the show? Share it with friends and see who knows more!

Eric Cartman feat. Kenny & Kyle - Poker Face REMIX


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    • Lynn Savitsky profile image

      Lynn Savitzky 3 years ago from New Jersey

      I only got one wrong! Yay for me!