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Christopher Titus presents: Special Unit - updated.

Updated on May 9, 2014

The founding of 'Special Unit'.

Back in 2006, Christopher Titus created a pilot episode for a potential comedy series named 'Special Unit'. Where Titus plays a crooked L.A.P.D. cop (criminal with his own addictions) who is forced by circumstance (as well as the Fairness and Disabilities Act) to hire a group of people whom have their own physical or mental challenges; disabilities, handicapped, retarded, midget, and so on and so fourth, to join the police force.

Being cast with some of those whom actually have their own challenges, it was also intended to, in a sense, empower such as well. To 'educate' that it is not all the same under the 'Political Correct' umbrella terms. The cast was ready and willing to participate. Consisting of some crude humor as well as some language, it is a bit more along the lines of a darker humor.

To show what I mean, here is the pilot episode for your viewing pleasure!

Special Unit pilot episode

Uncovering the pilot and potential movie adaptation.

Since Special Unit was never picked up by Comedy Central to become a series, the pilot was essentially 'lost'. And for a while, many Titus fans were unaware of such potential that was quite under the radar.

When Titus officially released the DVD version of his first Comedy Special 'Norman Rockwell is Bleeding', anyone who purchased the DVD from his website were given a 'gift' free of charge. This gift was a DVD of the pilot episode. Which gained substantial fan interest. No menu, no credits, just the episode straight up. The potential series was briefly mentioned off of his website, but has long since been removed (cite unavailable via webarchive) , with a small inclusion existing in a wiki covering his life and work.

Since then, it has long been left in the past, merely existing on DVD to some, as well as on youtube once it came around, and leaving it at that. However, recently off his very own podcast he mentioned interest in making a movie adaptation of the pilot. Going so far as to create a Crowd Funding campaign for it over at fundanything. Having written a script, acquired most previously cast actors from the pilot to return (such as David Figlioli and Michael Aronin), as well as some brand new cast (such as Josh Blue). And pretty much everything else, it is just waiting on funds to get things rolling on an official project.

Fundanything is set up exactly like kickstarter, with offers being available once campaign is funded, for pledging so much so everyone who contributes gets a little something for doing so.

Here is a promo Christopher and a few others did to establish their desire for the campaign. This'll hopefully get everyone onto the same page. Enjoy.

Special Unit movie campaign promo.

Wrapping things up.

If you follow Christopher Titus on Facebook or Twitter, you'll note his efforts to get word spread around in order to get this project to be realized. Not only for him but for some of the cast who work in the field, this is an actual gig that can help out their careers. It is a win/win scenario.

Over at a tumbler page dedicated to exposing his podcast to a wider crowd, those that run the page have offered to clip out segments of his 'brother', Willie Jello Johnson, who comes and goes from some podcast episodes (Willie is a character created by Titus). Since the character only exists on the podcast, they hope to have put something together while Special Unit is being developed to present a 'Best of Willie' kind of tribute as a 'thanks' to all that made the project a reality. Seems inactive, at least from the crowd funding sites not hitting their goals.

If you enjoyed the pilot, if you agree with what Titus is doing or you simply enjoy comedy, contribute. Just imagine it being a mix of 'The Ringer' with 'Lethal Weapon'.

To end, here is a video of Titus covering his interpretation of the word 'retard', just so everyone is more aware of his stance on the label. Which is featured off of his newest Comedy Special "Angry Pursuit of Happiness", for those who haven't seen it. Enjoy, and contribute!

The Word "Retard".


Christopher's latest podcast, Oct 8, covers a majority of 'Politically Correct' dialog. Mostly coupled with the campaign with his 'Special Unit'. And how it has been 'flagged' within facebook to be offensive, not allowing him to utilize the facebook 'promote ad' service. Someone doesn't understand what he is trying to do or doesn't understand what 'comedy' is.

To listen to his words about the situation, check out his podcast episode: Politically Correct, Morally Hitler (link will be provided below).

Caution, contains language.

PS - Post Script

There have been a few podcast appearances by both Christopher Titus and Mike Aronin in which mentions of the Special Unit movie campaign have been made in efforts to gain interest for the project as well as to spread awareness. So far a majority have been done by Christopher Titus, who has been known to 'whore' his work to inflate interest (he even makes mention of that as his advertising process). Mike makes a brief mention, being a friend of Titus, he is thrilled to have this as a potential job. Since disabled entertainers are not booked as they should be when compared to other able body entertainers.

Which isn't fair, especially since Mike is hilarious!

But coupled with the podcast excerpts, Titus has released a few pages of the Special Unit movie script for your viewing pleasure. You can view it over at his Facebook page, at 'The Real Christopher Titus', a mention at a support group assisting awareness for Special Unit.

You can view it on the facebook pages directly, or if you prefer a downloadable file version, this is a PDF version of the excerpt.

All in all, both very funny and informative (informative in regards to the podcast discussions, which should clear up any confusion due to the nature of the film). Also, the picture to the side of this is a mock up 'poster' image for the Special Unit movie, derived from the pilot episode. Titus mentions it was his friend Chris who did it, currently unaware if it is his friend Christopher Thornton, who was the paraplegic army veteran in the show. But it is a cool mock up!

New from Titus - 11/02

Over at the Titus facebook page, The Real Christopher Titus, he has mentioned that Erik Francis Schrody, aka Everlast has agreed to compose the soundtrack for Special Unit if it gets funded. Everlast is a buddy of Titus, and has even been featured on the Titus Podcast a little while ago.

Details will also be put on Titus' own website with links to the fundanything campaign page so more citations of the place will become available to fans of Titus or those who enjoy comedy.

With the project being a positive move for the actors, a movie by Titus' Combustion Films and now with Everlast on board for the soundtrack, what part of this is not to like?

Round 2!

Christopher has posted on his facebook page about giving 'Special Unit' a second attempt at stardom. Once again using a lesser known crowd sourcing website known as 'indiegogo'.

Not sure why kickstarter isn't being considered (since it is more known than either of these two methods). But go give it a look over, and help out if you can! To those who donated when it was active at fundanything, you will still be getting your donation rewards. To late comers, let's give this a chance it deserves!

Head on over to indiegogo.

Small update.

Another podcast excerpt has been clipped which has Titus explaining Special Unit to interviewer Paul Mecurio, which goes int' some depth about the project.

Also, following a statement made by Titus in the podcast, which is that the movie will be filmed in 2014, he has tweeted a sort of confirmation that even though the indiegogo fund-raising campaign fell short (again) he is still moving forward with the project, A follow up, but the same kind of tweet, has been posted as well. Even featuring a youtube link to the video (which is the same URL as the video posted above).

Titus has even had a [more recent] review covering Special Unit. This is a few years old but has some good info. The pic to the right is the review. It is also a contact list of sorts to offer whom to contact in regards to Special Unit info and to request interviews.

Follow Titus.

If you are not already, follow Titus on Facebook and Twitter.


- Christopher Titus

- The Real Christopher Titus


- @TitusNation

It is kind of a no-brainer, especially if you like his comedy. But these are the best places to catch small updates regarding 'Special Unit'.

The train moves on.

Titus has announced the movie will begin filming late October, with a script rewrite and officially mentioning Everlast to do the soundtrack.

It is moving forward, which is what he has promised with or without the crowd sourcing funds. In this case, without.


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