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Updated on March 27, 2012

february 2010

It it really simply

That you don't know what to say

Or are you afraid of the vulnerability

Of opening your heart, lowering your walls?

You've always been so afraid.

Afraid of letting go, moving on, starting fress.

Someone who loves you, and you push away.

But you don't know why.


So many things to say, but your speechless.

Do you even know your own heart?

Open your mind, lower your guard, and pour out your heart.

Dig deep inside, and find the strength you need.

Heart and soul, you don't have to hide anymore.

Trust in your heart and let down those walls

And you won't have to be speechless...


Your biggest obstacle is wondering who you are.

Two worlds, two lives, different as can be.

Which life to chase, you just can't decide.

You live them each the same. A little every day.

Is it really that you don't know what to say

Or are you afraid its the wrong thing to say?

(Chorus x2:)


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