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Spider-Man 3 - A Review/Analysis

Updated on February 28, 2012

Re-Boots, Ecch

Illustration from Spider-Man 3
Illustration from Spider-Man 3

Knock It Off

I don't know what this conveys, but I saw Spider-Man 3 when it was released to theaters. I only just recently bought the movie and watched it for a second time. Surprisingly, I remembered almost nothing about it.

I felt as if I were watching some entirely new film. Does that suggest the film is forgettable or that my brain synapses have really deteriorated? In any event, I enjoyed the movie very much and was glad I made the purchase. Writing this at 1/29/11, I am already aware that the fourth Spider-Man will not feature any of the original cast or its director.

I don't want to pan something that hasn't been produced yet, but it's difficult to see how any production team can top the trilogy already in existence. Above all, I credit Tobey Maguire for bringing to life Peter Parker and Spider-Man. I seriously doubt that the Spider-Man franchise would have continued without Tobey. His unique on-screen presence and subtle multi-dimensional characterization brought a distinct, charismatic quality to the web-slinger. Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane Watson was also exactly on the money. The studio (Sony?) threw a proven, winning group of professionals to the wind.

Someone needed to step in front of the executives and say, "Knock it off," On his shoulder would rest a pack of batteries. The someone making the dare would be Robert Conrad (of "The Wild, Wild West" fame). He'd then repeat, "Go ahead, I dare you, knock it off," staring at you with his piercing blue eyes, chiseled chin, his voice confident and even slightly mocking. Knowing what he could do in his show in terms of flattening the bad guys, one wouldn't likely feel adverse to Conrad's choice in batteries. Some of you may actually remember this commercial. I always found it to be riveting in a way and hysterical in some other sense.

But, it feels as if someone needed to anti up and tell the studios that they were going to have to knock it off or they'd never see another Spider-Man movie again. This someone needed to be straight-forward and icy cool.

If Spidey 4 bombs, it wouldn't come as a shock. Anyway, Spider-Man 3 is a real roller-coaster ride. The movie is fun, exhilarating, sentimental at times -- and keeping well in step with the comic book series. The final scene with Tobey and Kristen dancing slowly is poignant, knowing that this will be the last time we will see these fine actors in the same roles. Good luck to them all.

Kristen Dunst and Tobey McGuire
Kristen Dunst and Tobey McGuire


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    • ThoughtMonkey profile image

      ThoughtMonkey 6 years ago from United Kingdon

      I thought Spider Man 3 was dreadful but I liked reading our review anyway as you argue your case well.