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Spiderman Homecoming: Predictably Entertaining

Updated on July 7, 2017

Good... just not great

'Spiderman Homecoming' was a film with a lot riding on it to say the least. It had to prove that Spiderman could hold his own in a cinematic universe. It had to please fans who haven't been given a good Spiderman film since 2004. And, perhaps hardest of all, it had to place Spiderman firmly enough in the MCU to appear in Avengers movies, while also keeping him in his own bubble, so that the Sony spinoffs can take place. I'm happy to report that it succeded in all this and more. It does not however, break any new ground.

The Pros

  • The action set peices were exhilarating, exciting, and felt well thought out.
  • Unlike so many other villains in the MCU, the vulture was given quite a bit of screen time, which gives the viewer more time to connect with him, which in turn makes the plot twist towards the end of the film far more shocking.
  • Tom Holland absolutely nails his roles, both as Spidey, and Peter Parker.
  • The colors were quite a bit brighter than in your average Marvel movie, a choice that, in my opinion, helped the film establish its lighthearted, comedic tone.
  • While many feared that Iron man would overshadow Spidey in what was supposed to be his own movie, I felt that he was used just enough to firmly root the film in the MCU.
  • The score was intensely moving, especially the instrumental cover of the Spiderman theme song from the 60s.
  • Zendaya.

The Cons

  • Iron man is used almost exclusively as a deus ex machina to make sure that our protagonist dosen't end up dead before the studio can milk him for all he's worth.
  • You aready know everything thats going to happen before you even enter the theater, because all the good moments were given away in the trailer (plus a few that werent even there.)
  • The movie tried too cram far too many jokes into its 2.25 hour run time, and as a result, many just didn't land very well.
  • Too much shakey cam during the fight scenes.
  • Just a tad too long.


Overall, I would say that 'Spiderman Homecoming' was a fun introduction to the new spiderman, but can at times seem a bit formulaic. Have you seen it yet, what did you think? Be sure to let me know in the comments bellow.

4 stars for Spiderman Homecoming

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