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Spider Man and Iron Man together

Updated on December 12, 2016
Robert Downey Junior
Robert Downey Junior | Source
Michael Keaton
Michael Keaton | Source
Iron Man aka Tony Stark
Iron Man aka Tony Stark | Source
Spider - Man aka Peter Parker
Spider - Man aka Peter Parker | Source
Trailer of movie 'Homecoming' debuted last Thursday
Trailer of movie 'Homecoming' debuted last Thursday | Source

If you are not a superhero fan of either the Marvel or DC genre then the release of the new Spider - Man film featuring Iron Man will be to quote Shakespeare "Much ado about nothing" and that's all well and good. However if you are a Marvel or DC or both fan this new new movie will have you on the edge of your seat as there has been speculation about this movie in the closing months of 2016.

The plot runs something like this, Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland) at 15 is trying to hone his spider powers and become the superhero he needs to be to fight crime whether that be petty crime or battle dangerous criminals with super powers. Tony Stark businessman and Iron Man recruits the young Spider Man to help fight super criminal The Vulture aka Adrian Toomes who develops a flying suit which gives him the ability to fly like our feathered friends and also gives him super strength. The Vulture played by Michael Keaton is no stranger to the super hero world having played DC's Batman in the past which like the Bond films has a list of actors who played the role as long as your arm. Notable actors who have played Spider Man in the past have been people like Toby Maguire

This reboot of the Spider - man character is in a long line of movies and a cartoon series that used to run on TV in the 70's as I recall. Whether Mary Jane Peter Parker's love interest is in the movie I don't know but that role was played in a past movie by Kirsten Dunst alongside Toby Maguire.

It seems the superhero genre is something of a big box office attraction at the moment and this film in that genre should be a hit at the box office too no doubt.

Short bio of the Vulture

The Vulture
The Vulture | Source

1) Adrian Toomes lost his parents when young

2) Brought up by his older brother

3) Noticed for his outstanding intellect by his teacher

4) Became a paraplegic after a motorcycle accident

5) Set up a successful electrical company after qualifying as an electrical engineer

7) Was betrayed by his business partner Best whom he confronts later on

8) Develops flying suit which gives him extreme strength and sets out as a career criminal and thus The Vulture is born


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