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Spotlight on Alyssa Milano

Updated on August 24, 2012

She was introduced to us in the ‘80s on the show entitled Who’s the Boss? as the young cute tomboyish Brooklynite Samantha Micelli, and then years later (after a stint on the silver screen in C-List movie titles) as the wayward sister with wild tendencies on then WB hit series Charmed. Both were long running shows on major networks at the time and they’re both in rotation on varying cable TV networks today such as TNT and ion. And now she’s at it again on a new show called Mistresses. So what is it about Alyssa Milano, former child star that makes us love her so much? Let’s start with the fact that she has always come across as the girl next door type to me, someone that you can probably have a nice normal conversation with despite the fact that she’s absolutely beautiful and has a body most of us chicks would kill for even after giving birth to her baby boy Milo last year. I’ve always realized that the writers and directors are the ones who give them their personas or at least gives them a persona to work with after the cameras start rolling, but there has always been something extra there that I feel people, women especially, can relate to about her. I’ve seen her in interviews and no matter how good of an actor you are, you’re not going to be able to mask your own personality that well when you don’t have a specific character to hide behind. I’ve seen many actors where I’m amazed at how they were able to come out of their snooty shells to do the show they did, and others where I’ve been amazed at how personable they seem after playing such heinous characters, but that’s what good acting is all about, isn’t it? I just don’t feel that Alyssa Milano is one of the fake ones that have an alternate personality that she uses in interviews as I suspect more than a few actors use when they do public appearances.

As I count back the 20-some odd years in which I’ve followed Alyssa Milano’s career, I can’t believe it’s been that long. I still have my People magazine in which she married her first husband Cinjun Tate, and some woman with little to no tact made the remark “…at least I can always say I was at her first wedding!” I heard the rumors about the spat between she and former co-star Shannen Doherty, and I couldn’t help but be on Milano’s side (Doherty seems to have been fired by all of Hollywood and from her personality on her own reality show, I can see why). I loved how she was open about the pressure she was under when she did Charmed and the producers told her they wanted her to be thinner even though she was already very slender in the first place. (They’d rather actresses just not eat, don’t they?) And I was also ecstatic for her when I saw her years later being featured in People magazine again celebrating her second marriage, this time to someone not in the entertainment biz, and then in Us magazine with her adorable son thereafter.

Besides all that, the woman has remained ageless. Is it Botox or just those wondrous Italian genes, I don’t know, but whatever it is, she remains gorgeous.

I always love it when she comes out with a new project, whether it’s a guest starring role or a made for TV movie. From sports and her women’s sportswear line, to her juggling being a wife, mom, and actress, she’s still one of my favorites to watch.

Love you Alyssa! *MWAH*


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