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Spotlight on Bethenny Frankel

Updated on August 17, 2012

We first met her as a 30-something ‘Real Housewife of New York’ just trying to navigate her way through the dating world and budget her paychecks to suit her needs as a woman living in an expensive city like New York. Years later she’s a wife, a mom to Bryn, and one of the most financially successful housewives to date after her Skinny Girl concept took flight. Did I also mention that she also has her own talk show now? Well, she does.

The reason I admire her so much is because she’s such an inspiration to women. Regardless of how you view reality TV stars, Bethenny was always upfront about her goals--she was on RHONY to make a name for herself. And she did. While the other women hardly seemed to rise above the pettiness that surrounded them episode after episode I couldn’t help but think that Bethenny was so much better than that and I was ecstatic when she got her own spin-off show on Bravo.

The best thing about her, though, is she’s so undeniably real.

She’s not only funny with this kind of self deprecating humor that you can’t help but fall in love with, but I can relate to a lot of the points of the emotional rollercoaster that she tends to find herself on, and when she explains it, all I can yell in my head is, “EXACTLY!”

It’s hard to put into words how cool I think this woman is and even harder to express how happy I am for her. Because her success proves one fundamental thing that we, as women, need to remember: If we put our minds to it, we can do what we want and it can exceed our expectations.


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