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Spring Break Alert: Velvet Insane

Updated on March 15, 2017

Searching for just the right tunes to download and take along on your Spring Break hedonistic hiatus? Look no farther than Sweden then for something for you and your beach crew to rock your socks off to. Velvet Insane from Östersund, Sweden, (Google it my little juggalos and juggalettes, it’s almost right in the middle of that sweet Scandinavian country and plus it’s a big college town, so you know they’ve got to like to rock) has graciously dropped their record to coincide with this year’s Bacchanalian brouhaha (or should we say brew-ha-ha in this case? LOL).

Whether you into complete albums or if you’re more into the singles scene Velvet Insane’s sound is guaranteed to get the party started. Their up tempo tracks like Break Out Of Eden or Help Me are good bangers for the dance floor and will work up the thirst level for those Jäger shots or JägerBulls with your flipped out bros and hos. Lincoln Road and Six Steps Away work when you’re in your slow dancing mode or plan to swap spit, or any other bodily fluids for that matter. (Public Service Announcement: It’s OK to enjoy as long as you employ protection – OMG!).

Velvet Insane’s self titled album has a little under a dozen tracks. It was a release by Garden Of Sweden Records, which I’m guessing is a local indie label in Sweden (nothing pops up when I Google it and when I ask Siri about it she just goes all gospel on me and starts spouting out stuff about some dude named Adam and this babe called Eve and how they’re all into the fruit cleanse thing or something). Regardless, for those who want to find out more about Velvet Insane you can get some 411 about them if you go here:

From what I uncovered they’ve played in a lot of places like Japan, Europe, Australia and even here in the good ol’ U. S. of A. (one of my homies said he saw them somewhere in New York last year but that homie’s kind of whack so IDK). What I do know for sure is that the cray-cray is strong in these Vikings rockers, Spring Break will be over before we know it an it’ll be back to books and exams sooner than we think so we better get this party started while we can. The surf’s up and SpongeBob SquarePants don’t take no prisoners down in Bikini Bottom, so pass me another piña colada, baby!


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