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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Venunaad was more than 5378 Flutists

Updated on February 10, 2015
My first reaction was something like this only
My first reaction was something like this only | Source

Are you Crazy? 4000 Flautists on One Stage

Yes this was my first reaction 2 months back when I read a whatsapp message from my friend. Message was simple "Come and experience an unique Historical musical event 4000 flutists performing on one stage"

I said "Are you Crazy? 4000 Flautists on One Stage" It is impossible to gather so many artists and even if you found that many you won't find so many flutists to perform.

I just overlooked that message and got back to my work. But I had a thought how is it possible to organize such an event? Who will be interested in it?

Flute and me
Flute and me | Source

Flute, Me and Venunaad

With this message one thing happened to me, I remembered times when I was kid, playing a flute was always my dream but it never turned into reality. I was thinking about the fortunate people, who will be part of this event. They know how to play a flute.

I remember, my flute teacher was a very strict person. When I joined his class, on the first day he told us all the strict rules about how we should behave when we are in class.

Somehow I could manage for a week or two, to attend the classes. Teacher taught us all the basics of Flute and he asked us to practice same for next few days. Those days, I used to see Mahabharata and I was always impressed with Shrikrishna (a person who plays excellent flute). "I wanted to play flute like Shrikrishna" but without practice & quicker. I thought practicing Sa re ga Ma & basics was not something for me. :)

One day our teacher was late for the class. I was imitating my teacher in front of other students. I did not notice my teacher was behind me and staring angrily at me. There was no any other result than my 'send off' from class in next 15 minutes.

Memories apart, this event was a unique opportunity for learners, experts & maestro flute players, to perform at the same time from one stage.

Venunaad : Preparation Class in Progress

Venunaad : Preparation class in progress
Venunaad : Preparation class in progress | Source

Making of the Event: Venunaad

In next few days from the first message, I started receiving more updates about the event from my friends. More and more people were joining in for the event & practicing flute. There were males, females, kids, youngsters and even senior citizens too. People from Nashik and some nearby places joined in.

On a fine morning one of my friend sent me his selfie with Pandit Ronu Mazumdar who lead this whole event. This made me more curious about this event, why are they organizing event, what is the inspiration behind this event, from where all these people will come, how big will be the stage to perform so many people & many questions were there now for me to think upon.

I saw many Art of Living volunteers busy in making this event a historical. People from all walks of life were discussing about this event.

Volunteers talking with people about event & Why this event is there event
Volunteers talking with people about event & Why this event is there event

Venunaad was Not Just About Playing Flutes

When I started talking with more and more people to know about the event, I came to know this event has a greater cause.

Venunaad was not just about 4000 flutists playing flute but

  • Venunaad is about spreading message of peace and happiness to the world
  • Venunaad about spreading awareness to maintain our Culture
  • Venunaad is an initiative to preserve all the ancient art & instruments
  • Venunaad is a step toward bringing harmony & celebrating unity and harmony

This was really a greater cause that this world needs now. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was the inspiration to put forward this event & concept of organizing this event in Holy city Nashik.

Knowing this cause itself brought a shift in my thinking & felt I need to be part of this event. I realized this is not just a musical concert or musical show by some artists. This is a big celebration from people who have experienced change in their own lives & want to see all around them also to experience that happiness. To make this happen everyone of them was committed for a greater cause.

Venunaad Press coverage
Venunaad Press coverage

Venunaad: D-Day 12th January 2015

Finally the day arrived when this event was happening. Nashik was ready to witness a Guinness World Record. All the flutists already had a rehearsal on previous day. Stage was getting ready to welcome all the Dignitaries. Today's Nashik was a different Nashik, All the newspapers front pages were carrying news about the Venunaad, why this event in Nashik, all highlights of the event were covered in newspapers.

But one thing I could not resist to read again and again was the Number of participating flutists :) it was not 4000 but it was 5378. How was that possible? again I had same question Are you crazy? :)

Finally in the evening the celebration moment came. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Pandit Hari Prasad Chourasiya, Pandit Ronu Majumdar & his team of 5378 flutists were ready to create history & around 5 Lakh to witness this event. There were thousands connected via webcasts & telecasts of this event.

What Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Said

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar lead all in a beautiful "guided meditation" spreading 'the waves of peace' after melodious performances from flutists.

Performance were based on Rag Yaman. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia also joined with their Flutes which made this evening a special evening.

While speaking Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said "How Music is a important part of our life. When we are born we make some sounds first and then learn language. There is music in our nature. Now a days we see all are stressed around people are in tension with daily life. Music is the thing which can relax all very easily as it is our true nature. Knowledge, music & devotion has been together always since ancient times."

Glimpses from Venunaad

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia
Aerial View of the Stage
Aerial View of the Stage
5378 Flutists performing on Stage
5378 Flutists performing on Stage
Pandit Ronu Majumdar
Pandit Ronu Majumdar

What do you Think

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Why More Events like Venunaad are Needed

After watching the LIVE webcast of this event & listening to experiences from people, I had no option but to say everything and anything is possible.

Events like Venunaad brings in benefits like this and more

  1. Unite more hearts and bring harmony to achieving something big
  2. Such events spread awareness about many social causes (Venunaad played key role for cleaning Nashik & river Godavari)
  3. Make youngsters feel proud of the Ancient culture & Indian Classical Music
  4. Bring in many new unknown people in city & around together
  5. Such events bring smiles & happiness on many faces
  6. Give confidence & hope of organizing much bigger events next time
  7. Such events bring up leadership qualities in many

Factors which drive such events into a bigger success apart from Money are

  1. A perfect vision & willingness to work towards greater cause for the society
  2. Willingness to devote yourself for the society
  3. Strong belief that there is big power which unites all of us which is Love
  4. Perfect time management
  5. Leadership that takes all along & care for all
  6. Enthusiasm, creativity & responsibility from everyone

I think Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his team was able to add this and much more ingredients needed for this event to make a Historical one. I believe visionaries never limit themselves & then nature also doesn't limit in giving back the results.

Organizers had decided 4000 flutists, actually it became 5378

Let there be some more Mega events like this, which will sustain ancient arts & culture in this country & the world. BY looking at this mega event Venunaad I can only say that "Love Moves the World"

Venunaad in News


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