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Celebrity Shakedown- Star Trouble

Updated on June 19, 2014

People with Wealth are People Too

Finding people who are real with you when you are rich is hard. Many do not know if people really care or if they are just there for the money. This is a sad feeling, a position no one wants to be in or think about. The average person has a few neighbors, classmates, a friend or two who will let them know when they are too far off base but with the very rich is this true. Do the super rich really have friends? There have been quite a few celebrity meltdowns lately and not many safety nets, this must be very difficult for anyone. A lot of publicity is given to high finance. If there was no money involved would anyone pay attention, would anyone notice, scary. Who would be there if a person had nothing, only someone who cares. Hopefully there are true friends out there for everyone.



Are people going to jail for publicity or has going to jail become cool? People do throw going to jail parties but has this in your face , we do not care attitude reached HOLLYWOOD.There are plenty of Celebrities in the news to keep the world busy. What is a celebrity, “ a person of high visibility, a person that everyone is watching. Why would a person who can barely sneeze without getting their picture taken want to send smoke signals from a car to law enforcement sitting on the roads, who can smell trouble like blood hounds? Hello, shouting out loud not very sharp.

How does a person even drive a car, most cannot afford and expect to slide by without notice. Loosely speaking riding in a smoked filled car with questionable accessories will get a nobody stopped; let alone a person of high recognition. So why, if your picture is front page news, do you want to ride, ALLEGEDLY in a smoked filled car and get into situations that may land you in jail; just curious.

Leave your answer in comments. If you think, mind your own business is the best answer, leave that in comment too.

Stardom Is a Job

Who puts famous people on a pedestal? Why does it happen? Stardom is a job. Is it because the world wants to live their lives through them? Are people too lazy to get up off their couches and take life by the horns and wrestle it the way the stars of the world have done? Are many people too weak to try to accomplish their dreams or have they convinced themselves they can’t, so they sit and judge others. Fans are not in the public eye, because no one saw you stumble doesn’t mean you did not. Movie Stars, Sports figures, and other famous people are people doing a job. Their job just happens to pay more than most other occupations. The Green Monster has changed its face and turned into fans or not.


North Carolina Alienation of Affection Law

What is the responsibility of the man in the North Carolina law that allows the wife to sue the other woman for alienation of affection? Is the other woman the only person in the relationship? Why is the other woman the guilty party? A man does exactly as he chooses. Apparently he did not have that much affection; he was out in the street with another woman. This law was set up in 1834 in New York, abolished in 42 states. The law is outdated. Why has it not been abolished and can it be argued in a higher court? Why dies the system absolve the man of responsibility. Sending affection elsewhere is a breach of law and brings illness to society. Eve ate the apple but nothing happened until MAN took a bite.

The law does not require the offended spouse to show the allegedly guilty spouse having sex with the outside party, but must show there was love in a marriage. This is a joke; people live in the same house and sleep in separate bedrooms so who is to say if there is love or no love. Way too subjective for a court of law. The rules that allow the proof of alienation are very much the same as the pole tax laws when Black Americans had problems voting, questions such as, “HOW HIGH IS UP. What is the justification for maintaining this law, when people are SHACKING UP without a thought?


The American idol winner Fantasia is in the hospital from taking too many Aspirin and Sleeping aids, it is said. First of all, however she came about taking the pills, are we allowed as a society to make her the example for the day. The North Carolina law is as outdated as the Interracial Marriage law and this young ladies life or lively hood may be put in jeopardy because she happens to be the one in the way of the storm. How many people are stepping over the state line to see people outside of their marriage? UHM.

The wife is suing Fantasia. No woman has ever had to twist any mans arm to get him into bed. As a matter of fact it does not have to be a bed. A man takes it anywhere he can get it. The wife should be suing him. Fantasia (IF) she was sleeping with him, kissing him, holding his hand, HE WAS WHERE HE WANTED TO BE! Sounds like free will to me. If this wife gets away with using the law to get at her allegedly estranged husband ( if this is what the estranged wife is doing) the courts may be back logged for years. If the money factor is removed how interesting will suing Fantasia be.

Leave comments please whether you agree or disagree.

Fantasia is not the only person who may have walked this path. "He who has not sinned let him cast the first stone."

Gabor- Gabor- Gabor

Ms Gabor is out of the hospital and has had her surgery. She has always been able to make anything look stylish, if anyone can do this with style she will. Hope she will show the world how. Get well.


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    • Tiffany Latte profile image

      TiffanyLatte 3 years ago from USA

      No it does not make it right but until society stops accepting this behavior, putting one persons feet to the fire is not fair either.

    • rminela profile image

      rminela 7 years ago from Newberry, Fl.

      Fantasia is a very bright star. But as a star, like Tiger Woods, many fans who follow them must have been very disappointed in their behavior. Being famous puts you on a pedestal and in full frontal view of the world. Just knowing she was with a married man and having an affair, made her no better than so many other stars that attract unnecessary baggage. We continue to give passes to those we adore. I suppose that's human nature, but it doesn't make it right.