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Stellar Seller: The Force Behind a Franchise

Updated on November 14, 2016

Watch the for the Force

Universal Undertaking

As entertainment, Star Wars ranks amongst the best of great movies. Not great films and better than just good movies. So what is it that draws millions to the multi-billion dollar franchise? It is the clear cut portrayal of good against evil. They represent philosophy, ideology, and universal understanding. The nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout the movies display the contrast between the light and dark sides of the Force. From the perspective of characters like Yoda who dispense gems of thought, the audience can glean profound ideals. When, in The Empire Strikes Back (1980), comedic turns by figures like C-3PO lighten the adventurous premise. Dreams of piloting X-wing Fighters and the Millennium Falcon have prompted young men and women to yearn to become actual pilots of F-22 Raptors and C-5 aircraft for the United States armed forces. Veterans who have been injured in battle can relate to Luke Skywalker’s loss of his right hand. Utterly disgusting villains like Jabba the Hutt represent the repulsive enemies which America faces today. But with figures like Darth Vader, the distinction of wickedness takes darker and more vicious turns.

Assertive Performance

But, simultaneously, the role presents a seductive draw to the dark side. Otherwise, the character would not elicit a kind of response of respect for immense power and and evil necessary in order to conquer it. Would the people at Volkswagen wish to have the kid in the commercial portray anyone but Anakin Skywalker? Palpatine may have been the most powerful Sith Lord ever and outranked Darth Vader but his stature in the popular culture is nil by comparison. Black characters such as Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian and Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu draw little to no inspiration for young and old alike. Their peripheral characters will never rise to the levels of a Darth Vader, though he may reside on the dark side. Newcomer Negro actor John Boyega as Stormtrooper Finn may prove to be the anti- Jar Jar Binks. He might bring to the screen a confident, assertive performance. Whatever the case might be, he might be overshadowed as a nonhuman might steal the show. BB-8 rolls into the imaginations of children and adults as more than just an updated version of R2-D2. This droid brings an even more playful effect to the screen.

The Force behind the Marketing

The figurines have the power to spark imaginations
The figurines have the power to spark imaginations | Source

Afforded to its Creator

The light force offers a sense that righteousness is possible in the universe, though. With the dark/light dichotomy of the Star Wars realm, viewers immerse themselves in the space opera. Each scene announces an epic tale which resonates. The clearcut division brings to the fore a sense that evil doesn’t exist qua existence; that it is impotent. When faced with a challenge of morality, the individual must choose what is right, what is just. Star Wars exemplifies the key traits inherent in a benevolent universe. There is no room for ethical grayness in the Star Wars world. In the absence of profuse profanity, nudity, or gratuitous violence and bloody gore, this franchise survives even after mediocre offerings (Episodes I-III).

The sale is apparent. Give them some good guys to root for and a few baddies to alternately loathe and respond emotionally to their power. Dually, the audience is transfixed by the vivid scenery, advanced gadgets and devices, and the sprawling storyline. It spans five decades and encompasses various styles and genres including western, romance, comedy, and family drama. It remains a remarkable concept which has afforded to its creator, George Lucas, a billion dollar fortune. How cool is that? An artist with the keen understanding of the markets became a billionaire in the process. Now owned by Disney, the franchise seems to grow financially with every movie,box of macaroni, set of pajamas. But the dollars not only personify the pecuniary greatness of Mr. Lucas but also his integrity. Despite allegations of being a sellout (he sold out a long time ago), Mr. Lucas maintains a certain realm where very few directors occupy. The best pictures in the series boast a fantastic adventure which appeals to all sorts of races, ages, and genders. Massive merchandising might included, Star Wars delivers on the promise of absorbing characterization, intriguing plot, thoughtful themes, and a stark and convincing style. The Force is strong in this franchise.

George, the Creator

The wizard of fillmmaking, George Lucas
The wizard of fillmmaking, George Lucas | Source

The Commercial Appeal

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On Guard

The Stormtrooper commands a sense of permanence
The Stormtrooper commands a sense of permanence | Source


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