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Star Trek Beyond (2016) Review

Updated on September 11, 2017

Star Trek Beyond Review

Director: Justin Lin

Starring: Chris Pine (Captain James T. Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Commander Spock), Karl Urban (Doctor Bones McCoy), Zoe Saldana (Lieutenant Uhura), Anton Yelchin (Chekov), Simon Pegg (Montgomery Scott), John Cho (Sulu), Sofia Boutella (Jaylah), Idris Elba (Krall)

Of all the films in the Star Trek reboot series, this is the one that should appeal to the longtime fans of the franchise. I’m not a trekkie myself, but I’ve heard a friend criticize the series for turning Star Fleet into a military organization. That being said, since I’m not a trekkie, I did enjoy the previous movies. Well, at least the first one. Into Darkness, in my opinion, was only worth watching for Cumberbatch. However, thankfully, this movie is a vast improvement and may be the best one of the reboots so far.

Anyway, the movie begins with the Enterprise crew taking shore leave upon a space station called Yorktown. Here, we learn Kirk has applied for a promotion; meanwhile, Spock has discovered that Ambassador Spock (Nimoy) has died. Afterwards, the crew returns to space where they are invaded. Krall, the leader of the invaders, is searching for an artifact the Enterprise crew has recently acquired. The Enterprise ends up crashing in the assault and most of the crew are taken captive (while a few escape to the planet below).

This is just a rundown of the early going of the film. And overall, I felt the film turned out to be really good--though far from perfect. The movie still has the action of the previous two, but as I said, Justin Lin seems to respect the source material more so than Abrams. Also, Idris Elba turns in another phenomenal villain performance. Quinto and Boutella also deserve praise for their performances (with Quinto humanizing the hyper-logical Spock). The acting and the visuals are both very well done.

But when it comes to the story, the movie starts to suffer. It’s not that the overall plot is bad or anything. The concept behind the plot is actually very good. Only, there are various minor plot holes that hurt this film; however, you will probably not notice them unless you’re paying very close attention. That being said, this movie is definitely worth watching--even watching multiple times. It’s just not the great film it could have been, or even a great work of science fiction for that matter.


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