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Star Trek Books: Black Fire - A Review

Updated on September 14, 2013
Black Fire Cover
Black Fire Cover | Source

No. 1: Introduction

Title: Black Fire

Author: Sonni Cooper

Main Characters: Spock, James T. Kirk, Montgomery Scotty, Desus, Leonard McCoy, Ilsa, some other races and characters

No. 2: Summary

Basically, there is bloodthirsty race of aliens who likes to battle against each other - using other races. And of course it wouldn't be proper book, if there were no Klingons or Romulans, together with the Enterprise crew. Then there is some drama, suicide attempts, battles - and of course sabotages, treachery and Spock in prison. He soon manages to escape, together with Romulan pirate, and the two of them became a dangerous and feared duo of space pirates.

Czech cover of the book.
Czech cover of the book. | Source

No. 3: Why did I read it in the first place?

This was one of the Star Trek novels I got my hands on only recently, with considerable discount. In Czech republic, we got different cover for the novel, so it kind of piqued my interest - usually, you do not see Star Trek books with a discount at second-hand bookstores.

Also, it was promised it will be mainly about Spock, and there was also some conspiracy and sabotages, unfriendly and friendly aliens and things like that - I definitely was interested. After all, I think most of us likes to have our share of conspiracies - especially, if they happen in Star Trek universe.

No. 4: What I liked in the book?

I kind of liked the fact that for once, Spock showed to be an idol for most of the women. Vulcans and Romulans are sexy, at least according to what was written in the book - and who am I to disagree.

After all, I like my pointy-eared handsome men, too.

No. 5: What I disliked in the book?

Way too many things in truth.

First, it was pretty clear that there is something rotten in the Starfleet from about one third of the book, the constant feel that the Vulcan and Romulans are sexy, so we must write about it now, now and NOW.

Second, the rather deus ex-machina ending.

Third, Spock himself is acting like an idiot most of the time, which left me wondering how the heck could anyone be fooled by that. Oh well. I guess that even Spock has his illogical moments.

No. 6: Recommendations

Well, if you think the Vulcans and Romulans are sexy and do not mind Spock being out of his usual character (most of the time), try this book.

Otherwise - I would recommend staying away from it, as there are other, more interesting books around.

My Rating

1 star for Black Fire


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    • profile image

      Stormy 3 years ago

      Great artleic, thank you again for writing.