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Star Trek Books: Chain of Attack - A Review

Updated on July 11, 2015
Chain of Attack cover
Chain of Attack cover | Source

And here we continue on our merry way through reviews about Star Trek books. Enjoy!

Title: Chain of Attack
Author: Gene DeWese
Main characters: Leonard McCoy, Spock, James T. Kirk, Jason Crandall

  • What drawn me to this book?:

Reading the cover, the book promised me an adventure of starship Enterprise in grand new area. And it did deliver, oh my!

  • What did I like most about this book?

That it did deliver what was promised to me on the cover. Enterprise finds herself in completely strange place, who knows how far from everything they ever knew. There is adventure, action, suspension, new enemies and new friends. Also, the plot continues at good pace, which is always a plus, even if it's a bit clear how it ends.

  • What did I dislike about this book?

The fact that role of Enteprise as local peacekeep was a bit predictable (what else to expect, since we are not in the Mirror Universe, after all), as well as turn of character from one of the main protagonists in the end. Predictability, one of the main pluses, as well as minuses of the whole book.

  • What was the book about?

USS Enterprise is studying strange anomaly and all of sudden finds herself at completely strange place filled with burned planets, everyone attacking them on sight. Add to that, they got rather unstable character on board, and the one will make the situation often even worse than it is in the worst possible moment. And in the hostile space, with not very friendly person on board, will the crew of Enterprise manage to get back?

  • I recommend the book:

to people who do not mind rather predictable plots and endings. Not a bad reading, but Star Trek sure offers better. But hey, it got new aliens.

3 stars for My rating:


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      Demelza 3 years ago

      Deadly accurate answer. You've hit the bueylesl!