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Star Wars the Force Awakens- Lets discuss

Updated on January 7, 2016
The Force Awakens Movie Poster
The Force Awakens Movie Poster

Thoughts, and Theory

The new addition to the Star Wars series "The Force Awakens" was released in most theaters Dec 18th 2015. As a 25 year old while I was watching this blockbuster I imagine the feelings it jerked from me were the same feelings the older generations experienced when viewing the first great trilogy in theaters back in the 80's. Needless to say this film was AMAZING in my mind and in the minds of many others. I wanted to discuss a few key points on my mind, and I am sure yours too after viewing. Again MAJOR spoilers ahead! Continue at your own risk..

1. Kylo Ren- I had so many questions about this guy before seeing the movie, and while yes, they were answered- now I just have more questions! We now understand why Kylo, or Ben Solo is force sensitive/ and how he got started in the ways of the force. However we do not yet understand why he turned to the darkside. Or for that matter, what he meant when he explained to his father that he was struggling between the light and dark side, right before possibly the most powerful death scene in the series. The predictions on where this is going are vast and plentiful. I like to believe that this is a trial of sorts that Kylo Ren is putting himself through for the greater good of the galaxy. When he says "I will finish what you started" in relation to Darth Vader.. Does Kylo know that Vader actually spent his last moments as Anakin? Lukes father, putting down the Dark Side and ultimately fighting alongside his son and saving the last Jedi standing? If he is aware of this, I think it is possible that Kylo is actually letting the Dark Side consume him so he can kind of "Fix it from the inside" and attack the dark side from actually being on that side much like Vader did in Return of the Jedi. This is of course just a thought. Lets assume we will find Kylos true meaning behind finishing Vaders legacy between late episode 8 into episode 9. Until then, maybe he should take a few anger management classes before he breaks something important.

Mark Hamill as "Luke Skywalker"
Mark Hamill as "Luke Skywalker"

Luke Skywalker- One of the biggest questions pre-release was why Mark Hamill did not appear on the movie posters nor did they release merch for Luke? We now know that the reason was that one of the largest plot points of Awakens was that everyone was looking for Luke until the last 10 minutes of the film, when Rey finally finds Luke at the old Jedi temple. So now the question is what will Luke say to Rey? Why did he go into hinding after Ben Solo turned? Has he discovered something? What's the plan!? The obvious answer is Luke is going to take Rey along with other promising force sensitive individuals under his wing and train them up. I'm and fairly sure most if not all these questions will be answered in the next release

Daisy Ridley as 'Rey'
Daisy Ridley as 'Rey'

Poll: Who is Rey's father?

Who do you think Rey's father is?

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Rey- Who is this girl? We know her parents left her to fend for herself on Jakku, and that she is EXTREMELY force sensitive. I mean come on- she beat the bag out of Kylo Ren the first time she picked up her Lightsaber and used force skills that even well trained Jedi do not display. This would lead me to believe she is the daughter of Luke regardless of the traditional Jedi rules on love. Also, there are plenty of theories out there that she is the daughter of Han and Leia and sister of Ben Solo. This theory is highly unlikely to me, Rey spent quite a lot of time with Han, and I believe if it was known she was his daughter the connection would have been a little more emotional between them. Never-the-less I cant wait to see this character develop more in the upcoming releases and getting answers to these suspenseful questions.

Do you think Finn will become a Jedi?

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John Boyega as "Finn"
John Boyega as "Finn"

Captain Plasma- I thought we would see more from this characters story and that she would serve as a modern Boba Fett type villain. After the planet was destroyed she was on, obviously there were many questions if she escaped death. The easy answer is yes, we can expect to see much more of this character and see plenty development in her story.

Finn- Storm trooper gone rogue after discovering what the empire was really all about. Even though he does end up wielding a lightsaber, we now know that it was actually Rey's and he was just keeping it safe for her, and happened to stumble upon Kylo in the meantime. From what I have seen so far I'm assuming Finn will end up being more of a Han Solo type character then a Jedi. Although it would be cool if Finn ended up training with Luke and Rey which is also another prediction people have been throwing out there.

R2D2 and C3PO- Why did R2 wait so long to come back online? He had some pretty serious information onhand that could have proved to be useful. I'm sure this will be explained in the following episodes. As far as C3PO goes, I'm curious what's going on with his arm/ besides that there is not too much to be said about this character.

Harrison Ford as "Han Solo"
Harrison Ford as "Han Solo"

Han Solo and Princess Leia- One of the most favorited characters in the entire series meets his end. What does this mean going forward? I have a feeling like described above in Kylo Rens section, Hans death is going to be one of great meaning. In transparency of my previous theory I believe Hans death will end up being for the greater good of the galaxy in Kylo transitioning to the dark side and finishing Darth Vaders prophecy of bring balance to the force. Princess Leia has taken the role of a General of the Rebellion as anticipated. The most mentionable item of course is there shared son Ben Solo or Kylo Ren. However, another mentionable item would be the story between there split. We know that Ben moving to the dark side would be good reason to put some strain on paradise, but I believe we will hear a little more about this from Leia's commentary.

Chewy- After the death of his longtime best buddy Han Solo, Chewy out of everyone would seem to be the most emotionally torn apart with the exception of maybe Leia. I expect to see a lot from this character still, as he continues to serve alongside either Rey, or Finn/ ultimately wherever the Falcon goes, I think that's where we are going to see Chewy. I believe the Falcon deserves some honorable mention as well, and with Hans death will we ever find out how he and Chewy came to lose the Falcon?

Poe and BB8- The best pilot in the galaxy! After a near death experience on Jakku, we can now look forward to seeing a lot more out of this character. I would not be surprised given his exceptional skills if he ends up training alongside Luke as well to hone his ability and possible assist in the new Jedi order rehabilitation. Oh, and of course every great Jedi Pilot needs a trusty droid! Poe and BB8 seem to be a cinematic match, even though most of this episode BB8 is with Rey and Finn. Now that they are reunited we can expect to see them in action providing some comic relief in the galaxy far far away

Id like to know what you think about these theories and any other potential theories going forward in the series! Thanks for reading

Make sure you refresh yourself on the last film in the series

© 2016 Corey Fiasconaro


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    • Fiascoca profile imageAUTHOR

      Corey Fiasconaro 

      3 years ago from Quincy

      Definately will check those out thanks!

    • profile image


      3 years ago from England, UK

      Hey, great article - love the range you've hit with the characters! In response to your closing line, I've just published a couple of hubs that I'm pretty certain you'll enjoy reading.

      The first is one discussing the possible parentage of Rey, backing each up with evidence from The Force Awakens (also discussing the reason behind R2's late reawakening).

      The second is a really in depth look at Kylo Ren. I 100% agree with your thoughts on him fixing it from the inside. I think he's on a secret mission, known only to himself, Luke, Leia and Han. The Force Awakens is more of a confirmation of this than a denial and I am really hoping it's confirmed in the next film!

      Let me know what you think :)

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Good article


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