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Apocalypse of the Stars and Their Untimely Deaths

Updated on April 6, 2017

Stars everywhere in 2016, have died of untimely deaths. It seems every time the world wakes up another star has left. The tragedy for fans is that they all appear to have died suddenly... without warning to the fans who profess to love them most. They feel jaded and left out.

The most recent untimely death of a star was Prince, who died on April 21, 2016, at the age of 57. According to Fusion, he was known for his prolific writing skills and his ability to play multiple instruments.

Fans around the world poured out their love for the star through quotes, pictures, and videos of his songs on social media. He will always be remembered for his songs Purple Rain which came out in 1984, and When Doves Cry, coming out the same year. As well as the many titles over the more than 30 albums he has sold.

Is it in the water? Is some divine being from above or below calling all stars home so that he can begin the apocalypse, and kill the rest of the meager humans off? In asking the question this way, it is in no way religious in its domain, it is because the stars that are dying are dying way too young. It is almost as though an apocalypse of the stars is upon the world.

Could it be the stresses of the line of work they are in causing the stars untimely deaths? Or how about an even crazier thought process, and some superstar God up above is like, "That's it you've had too much fame and fortune, time to wrap it up." And ZAP all the good ones are taken and the apocalypse of the stars continues until all of the great stars are gone.

Not to say that David Bowie, who died at 69, in his home from cancer on January 10, 2016, was a spring chicken when he passed. It still was considered, by his fans, to be an untimely death. According to BBC News, he was said to have known about his cancer for a year prior to his passing but wanted to keep it private. His producer Toni Visconti said in 2016, and that "his album, "Blackstar," which came out in 2015, and was a parting gift to the world."

He got thousands through their high school years and the star still helps shape the minds of many generations, new and old, and even those who have yet to come. Even his movie "The Labyrinth" which came out on June 27, 1986, still holds a special place in young and old hearts today.

And who can forget Allen Rickman? He died at 69, the same week as David Bowie, from similar circumstances. He kept his illness private as did David Bowie. His co-star Emma Watson was reported to have kissed him goodbye and quoted to say that it was a “moment of painful leave-taking,” in 2016.

What is most upsetting to fans is they didn't even know these stars were as sick as they were, or that they were sick at all. They feel cheated because they weren't clued into a complete stranger struggles with life.

Can fans be upset over this and throw a fit over the star’s unwillingness to share ALL of their lives with them? Not really. Even though fans see them in TV shows, or on the big screen, in videos, or plastered on magazine covers, making them feel like they are part of their everyday lives, fans really aren't.

Stars are still very human and deserve the same privacy as the common public, unfortunately, they do not get the same courtesy. Some people would say, "then they shouldn't have become stars." The simple response to that is, fans lives would be boring without these former stars (and the ones still living) who would sing their favorite songs and entertain them?

Opinion by Tracy Blake


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Top Image Courtesy of Robert Delphinidaesy's Flickr Page - Creative Commons License
First Inline Image Courtesy of Eric's Flickr Page - Creative Commons License
Second Inline Image Courtesy of Renne Barrera's Flickr Page - Creative Commons License

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