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Best Young Youtube Female Singers: Jasmine Thompson

Updated on January 20, 2018
Best Young Youtube Female Singers: Jasmine Thompson
Best Young Youtube Female Singers: Jasmine Thompson

First noticed at the age of 13 for her stunning cover videos on YouTube channel, Jasmine Thompson gained over 2 million subscribers (and even much more views) and widespread recognition with that. She releases her own music but also has already collaborated with German DJ/producer Robin Schulz and American pop artists Jesse Shatkin and Emily Warren.

From the Beginning

From early ages parents encouraged Jasmine to try something new: sports, dancing, acting and music. Young Jasmine started playing the piano with her brother when she was 8 years old. Very soon, when she started accompanying herself on the piano, she found the freedom to sing anything she wanted. At the age of 10, her mother gave her an idea of posting a video on YouTube, and that`s how everything started. As Jasmine mentioned in the interviews she gave, she`s got a lot of help from her Mother, as she knows everything about computer filming stuff and supports her daughter. The young singer posted her first cover of "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars, and got some good feedback, so decided to continue working on videos for her channel.

New Covers

In 2013 Jasmine self-releases a bunch of new covers: a cover of Taylor Swift's "Everything Has Changed", a cover of Passenger's "Let Her Go", a cover of David Guetta's "Titanium" and a cover of Naughty Boy's single "La La La", which was played on the Review Show, just because one of her fans tweeted this song to BBC Radio 1.

Jasmine mentioned in one of her interviews, that doing covers has a huge influence on her singing style. She picks up the songs that she truly enjoys singing and those that she feels the emotional connection with. But despite that, Jasmine would love if the lyrics, the music she writes have the same effect on others.

2013: Bundle of Tantrums

A month later followed another release "Under the Willow Tree", every song of which was written by Jasmine. And one of these songs, named "Run", riches a great success both in Europe and the US. On April 2014 was released the second album "Another Bundle of Tantrums". By the way, Jasmine was supporting the tour of the Australian-born pop artist, Cody Simpson, in the UK in summer 2014 .

Releasing her own music, Jasmine has most notably co-operated with German DJ/producer Robin Schulz, who enlisted her to sing on his track "Sun Goes Down," that became a dance hit in 2014. As Thompson was telling in her interview at KIKA, Robin and she weren`t at the same label. All began as Robin sent her the song "Sun Goes Down", and then they decided to make a new version from it.

On May 2015 recording pop artist signs the contract with Atlantic Record. She releases her single on the label entitled "Adore EP". This release is accompanied by cinematically great video for "Do It Now". Most of the songs for the EP were written in different places: some in New York, some in Los Angeles or London.

Jasmine says, "the inspiration behind Adore was music, but like a love song" in one of her interviews to next2shine. Of course, many people can relate it to their feelings, say that this song is about their boyfriend/girlfriend, but for her it`s all about music, that is something special for her.

"Ain`t Nobody"

Also in 2015 Thompson and German music producer DJ Felix Jaehn release a cover of Chaka Khan`s "Ain`t Nobody" (that she has already released in 2013 with title "Ain`t Nobody (Loves Me Better)") that has reached #32 on the UK Singles Chart and is on the top of the charts in such countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Israel and Netherlands, also hitting the top ten of the charts in many other European countries. Everything started when Felix found Jasmine`s cover on this song and made a remix from it. Over time, they became friends over the Internet, over Twitter and Skype, and after a year label decided to make a single from it. After a year of their friendship, they met the first time in Barcelona to make a video shoot.

Young Jasmine is looking forward to doing more live performing, because she is so used to posting videos on YouTube, and that kind of sharing her talent doesn`t allow to get the full sense of people`s reactions.

The difference between singing to a camera and singing alive is that when you sing to a camera, the only way that I`ve got to see people`s responds is through the comments that they would leave and then also I would say that I probably do prefer singing alive. It`s such an amazing feeling to see people singing and dancing along to your music because you`ve got to see how music can make people feel amazing feelings. And...yeh, it`s a very big difference...

— Jasmine Thompson, interview to Volkswagen Garage Sound
Jasmine Thompson performing at the Webvideopreis 2015 | Best Young Youtube Female Singers: Jasmine Thompson
Jasmine Thompson performing at the Webvideopreis 2015 | Best Young Youtube Female Singers: Jasmine Thompson | Source

Jasmine has an immense amount of positive comments on her YouTube channel, as lots of people are inspired by what this artist does, simply doing what she wants to do. Many of us can feel inspired by what already has done this artist, and do something without thinking too much about being judged, misunderstood by others. But how the 15-year old girl can balance her personal and professional life so well? Maybe it`s hard to combine school and countless hours spent writing songs, singing and traveling around the world! Jasmine has an answer to this question: music is both personal and work. She started homeschooling and still finds time for friends when she is in London.

Jasmine`s answer to the question at her interview at the Radio NRG of whether it is getting on the nerves sometimes when people ask her about her age, as she`s so young and so talented, was that it doesn't get on her nerves, but the only thing she hopes to happen is that people don`t exclude her because of her age and focus on her music instead of her age.

The plan for the future is to keep doing music. Keep doing what I love, traveling around the world, performing for everyone!

— Jasmine Thompson,Interview at the ARD MoMa German Morning Show

Many boys and girls also would like to make their own YouTube channel, and Jasmine`s advice is "to stay tuned, posting videos regularly at the same time and day and keep connected with the fans, because you can help each other. Always stay true to yourself and don't try to be someone else. Just keep doing what you wanna do!"

Sense even more of the life experience coming through in Jasmine`s version of the song "7 Years" by Lukas Graham. Early Jasmine`s got a lot of requests to do a cover of this absolutely great song.

And one more cover that will probably bring you to tears - "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. Singing this song, Jasmine relates people to the words like it`s their lives.

Discover the beautiful melancholic voice of this singer, get inspired by truly great work! Jasmine keeps trying different styles of music, developing and gradually doing more and more great videos!


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