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Steve Jobs Movie Review

Updated on October 22, 2015
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My passion is in the film industry itself but has always loved writing reviews in my spare time. Been doing it since I've been in college.

5 stars for Steve Jobs

My Rating System

Irony sets in as I write this independent review on a Microsoft Word iPad app. It seems interesting enough to notice that this wouldn't even be possible without Steve Jobs (though Microsoft and Apple working together would’ve angered Jobs). His visionary direction is what got him into the business in the first place and he knew that. Though his visionary direction had both good and bad consequences.

Steve jobs starts off with a bag; getting rid of the old cliché format of a movie bibliography and substituting it for a small section of his live. Movies like Selma have done similar storytelling already this year. The film could have started off with an origin story of the rise of Steve jobs which led to a roller coaster ride which Job’s live consisted of. However, it didn't go the safe route and decided to use great story telling to convey its message to the audience.

The movie starts off by jumping to the first press conference release of the Macintosh computer. The great big failure that eventually led to the sacking of Jobs. This led to future failures until the iMac came around.

Though it's not the life of Steve Jobs this movie focuses on, and this is what's both a major negative and a small positive of this movie. It's not very audience friendly with large sums of information that's thrown at you like a 100 mile per hour fastball. We as the audience have to sit back and wait for that right moment to understand the big picture. Though the movie makes the audience focus to see that pitch piece by piece and those who can will walk out of movie with a great experience. However, this isn't what an audience sees as they watch the movie. They see a nature of repetitiveness that seems to be one big giant product launch.

At times it felt that way too. It was repetitive in a launch, fail, and launch again sequence. There's some amazing dialogue in between but it's restricted by this concrete box that we’re stuck in and have to endure. The setting looks cool and all, but it feels like we are in prison for two hours.

This however can't diminish from great story telling that buys the present, wraps it, and sets that beauty on our door step. At the end some might be nauseous and feel like they’re on the verge of claustrophobia. Though there's small details that come together to visibly show us why this man was ahead of his time. Like he stated in the movie (of course I'm paraphrasing). Anyone can bring together musicians; however not everyone will be able to make it into an orchestra.

Overall, the movie does a fantastic job at providing us with a little snippet of the great mind Steve Jobs really possessed. Was it perfection to its core? Did it provide a complete two hour experience that will be ground breaking? The answer would be no to both of those questions. However, it did provide us with a beginning, middle and end, which perfectly complimented each other and satisfyingly gave the audience a two hour tale of vision and sacrifice. That's what movies should be all about.



Michael Fassbender does look a lot like Jobs. His performance was very good as well.
Michael Fassbender does look a lot like Jobs. His performance was very good as well. | Source

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    • profile image

      Sully 2 years ago

      Great review, keep writing!

    • profile image

      Steve 2 years ago

      I thought it was good but I could only watch it a few times.