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Stevie Nicks Music Pics and Video Don Henley Song

Updated on September 3, 2012

Mini-Bio Of Nicks

Stephanie Lynn Nicks, better known to you an I as Stevie Nicks, was born on May 26, 1948 in Phoenix, AZ to parents Jess and Barbara Nicks. Almost as soon as she could talk she began performing. Her grandfather would take her with him to local gin mills and she would sing. This at just four years of age.

Stevie's family moved from town to town, eventually landing in Palo Alto, California. She met Lindsey Buckingham at Menlo Atherton High School. Separated for just couple years, Nicks and Buckingham were musically reunited and signed a contract with Polydor Records. In 1972, they released Buckingham-Nicks.

Fleetwood Mac

In 1975, Stevie and Lindsey signed with Fleetwood Mac. It was because of Lindsey that Stevie was included. He refused to collaborate with Fleetwood Mac unless Stevie was involved. (Thank you Lindsey).

Fleetwood Mac went from good to great with Stevie Nicks and Buckingham. The album Fleetwood Mac was released featuring Nicks in 1975. It peaked at Number 1 on the Billboard Charts. Album after album- sells went through the roof!

Stevie Nicks offered so much to this band with her rusky voice and her gorgeous, intoxicating looks. Her flowing outfits were and remain to be a hit with fans.

Stevie made her name with Fleetwood Mac but her solo-career was just as successful. Beginning in 1981, Nicks began the road alone. It was not a lonely road as she collaborated with singing sensations such as Kenny Loggins, Tom Petty and Don Henley.

It is no secret that Nicks had some troubles with cocaine and tranquilizers. But she has since cleaned up and began touring.

Nicks and Mac came together again to release The Dance in 1997. Earning the band a Grammy nomination. Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998. The year 2001 brought a successful album for Nicks again with Trouble in Shangri-La.

There is no stopping Nicks and thank goodness for that. She has a truly inspirational voice and legacy.

Stevie and Lindsey

If you've never experienced the really dark and deep lows of love, then you can never really experience the real highs of love. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Just to know that I…am capable of feeling that strongly about another person ~ that knocks me out. Because some people I know aren't capable of that.
~Stevie Nicks, Miami Herald, 1991

In almost every relationship I've had, my career has ruined it. I will never be able to stay with anyone really long, because there will always come a point when they say, 'I can't deal with your life.'

~Stevie Nicks, USA Today, October 16, 1991

Must Watch: Gives Me Chills!

Sara was my favorite [song] ~ for that kind of song. Sara was, and is, the love of my life. There are different kinds of favorites. You have your miserable favorites and your happy favorites. I can't pick just one [song].

~Stevie Nicks, Arizona Living Magazine, September 1983


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    • Terrylee5151 profile image

      Terrylee5151 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I too love Stevie Nicks. We have so few great singers today.... Or maybe it's me and I don't listen to music like I used to.

      I am now following you and waiting for more great posts.

    • ahostagesituation profile image

      SJ 7 years ago

      I so love her, and didn't know she was from Palo Alto. Very cool town about 20 minutes from me. Lovely place. Like the pics you used. Became a fan when I had the song, "Rhiannon" dedicated to me, it did kinda suit me. It's about a chick who wouldn't commit essentially. Great work!