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How a song is born #2

Updated on April 29, 2016
Betty Overstreet, Singer/Songwriter 1988
Betty Overstreet, Singer/Songwriter 1988

One of my very first songs!

" I love you honey, but not that much" hit me as a song title the minute the words came out of his mouth. I couldn't wait to return home and start writing!

1988, Nashville, Tennessee. I had just completed a recording session and was enterviewing Tommy Dee Donaldson to be in charge of my promotion of the song.

As we sat in a cafe he was explaining all the benefits of having him help me and I jokingly mentioned something and he replied, "I love you honey, but not that much". I quickly said, "That sounds like a song " and he agreed that it sure did. I said, "I'm going to write it as soon as I get back home" and he said "Not if I write it first"!

I don't know if Tommy ever wrote one by that name but I have had really good comments on mine throughout the years.

Tommy was a great help and pushed my song " Let the Sandman wait" up the Cashbox Charts to the top 100, by Thanksgiving that year, right along with Alan Jackson' Chattahoochie and Tanya Tucker was a little bit ahead of me. I was performing as Betty Kean at that time. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Tommy.

I love music, as I'm sure you can tell, and thank God for allowing me to continue to do what I love most. For many years I focused totally on Country, then in the mid-ninties God shook me and made me aware that He wanted me to sing and write for Him!

This picture is the CD cover for the songs I wrote in the 80s...Wow, was I ever that young with all that long hair!

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Gary & Betty Overstreet

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Ain't gona walk that straightline

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