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Strange Celebrity Baby Names - Weird Celebrity Baby Names

Updated on July 25, 2014
Rocky and Gellar
Rocky and Gellar

# 20 Rocky James

Parents: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.

True, Rocky is a cute nickname for a child or a dog, but I picture this young man going on to graduate from college and being announced Rocky James Prinze ? ? ? This just doesn't sound like a very grown up or responsible name. If the kid has any sense and doesn't go into showbiz, he'll probably use James instead of Rocky! I can't help but think of the Eye of the Tiger...

Apple and Gwyneth
Apple and Gwyneth

# 19 Apple Blythe Alison Martin

Parents: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

What originally seemed like one of the strangest baby names has now become somewhat tame compared to other celebrity baby names. I wonder if her nickname is Ap??

Winslet and Bear
Winslet and Bear

# 18 Bear

Parents: Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll

Winslet is not the only celebrity to like the name Bear. Alicia Silverstone also has a son named Bear. Again, Bear is a very nice nickname or a name of a pet but for a child... Questionable.

Bono and Memphis
Bono and Memphis

# 17 Memphis Eve

Parents: Bono (U2)

Okay, so Bono is pretty awesome, so he needed an equally awesome baby name. I see where he was trying to go with Memphis, its a cool bluesy name but he couldn't have thought of something more... well... not a city. Memphis, as a name doesn't really bother me but it's still unique so it makes the list.

Stallone and his late son Sage
Stallone and his late son Sage

# 16 Sage Moonblood

Parents: Sylvester Stallone

Okay, Sage is not that bad. I have met a few people with the name Sage and they seem to be adjusting well :) However, Moonblood?? I guess its a good thing middle names are not used that often, because this is just freaky. I feel guilty placing Sage's name on this list because he has passed away and it must be very difficult losing a child. I'm sure Sage is missed by his family every day.

Blue Ivy and Beyoncé
Blue Ivy and Beyoncé

# 15 Blue Ivy

Parents: Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z

Again this is one of those names that seemed very strange at the time but given more recent crazier names, Blue Ivy doesn't seem as bad. In fact it has kind of grown on me.

The Edge and Blue Angel
The Edge and Blue Angel

# 14 Blue Angel

Parents: The Edge (U2)

Okay we get it. U2 is the most awesome and coolest band ever but don't punish your kids by trying to find something as awesome. Again Blue makes the list, but this one seems to bother me a little more because its Blue Angel. Isn't there planes named Blue Angel??

Madison and Rainbow
Madison and Rainbow

# 13 Rainbow Aurora Rotella

Parents: Holly Madison and Pasquale Rotella

I must say that the name Rainbow Aurora is kind of pretty. I wouldn't mind naming my baby doll or stuffed animal Rainbow Aurora but Rainbow just seems like she's destined to take drugs or be a pole dancer.

Destry and Speilberg
Destry and Speilberg

# 12 Destry Allyn Spielberg

Parents: Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw

I'm not sure where the Spielbergs came up with the name Destry. I'm not sure if it's even a real word. So Destry is on here for its uniqueness and possibility of being a fake word.

Forest and Ocean Whitaker
Forest and Ocean Whitaker

# 11 Ocean Whitaker

Parents: Forest Whitaker

Ocean's father's name encompasses the land and his daughter's name encompasses the water. Both nature names they seem to go together hand and hand.

Breeze and Levi Johnston
Breeze and Levi Johnston

# 10 Breeze Beretta Johnston

Parents: Levi Johnston (Sarah Palin's daughter's baby daddy) and Sunny Oglesby

I know what your thinking...Levi Johnston a celebrity? Not really but today anyone can be a celebrity. He's in the magazines and the news so he qualifies. I don't believe Levi has a whole lot that he is working with in the brain department so the fact that he spelled Breeze right is an accomplishment of its own.

Kyd and David Duchovny
Kyd and David Duchovny

# 9 Kyd Miller Duchovny

Parents: Tea Leoni and David Duchovny

Kyd was born on June 15, 2002 and I'm sure his parents spent a lot of time trying to think of a sly and unique name and Kyd is what they were able to come up with. You know how your not supposed to tell strangers your name.. well this kid is in trouble. Anytime someone says "Hey, Kyd" they are talking to him.

North West
North West

# 8 North West

Parents: Kayne West and Kim Kardashian

I'm not surprised that these two parents came up with yet another way to be in the media. Of course exploiting their child's name would get them a few more days or weeks on the front pages. I wonder if either parent truly knows which direction is North is or if they are going with the place Santa lives.

Moxi and Penn Teller
Moxi and Penn Teller

# 7 Moxi Crimefigher Jillette

Parents: Penn Jillette

Well Moxi's Dad's name is Penn so we couldn't really expect a lot from him. Moxi is strange in its own special way but crimefigher is just well... There is no possible reason to name your child this unless you are starving for attention. Congrats Penn Jillette for showing the media just how desperate you are for attention.

Pilot and Jason Lee
Pilot and Jason Lee

# 6 Pilot Inspektor Lee

Parents: Beth Riesgraf and Jason Lee

Pilot Inspektor is said to be inspired by the song "He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot." I'm not sure how I would feel about that being the inspiration for my name.

Audio and Sossaman
Audio and Sossaman

# 5 Audio Science

Parents: Shannyn Sossamon

This is another one that I wonder if she truly counts as a celebrity anymore but if Levi Johnston is on here than Shannyn definitely qualifies. Shannyn actually gave the statement that her and her husband went through the baby name books four times and this was the name they came up with, Audio Science. Hmm.... with these decision making skills, its no wonder she hasn't been seen in a movie for years.

Kal-El and Cage
Kal-El and Cage

# 4 Kal-El Coppola Cage

Parents: Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim

His father is Nicolas Cage, that explains a lot. Yes, Kal-El was named after the comic superhero Superman. I wonder if Cage's son has a weakness for kryptonite too??

Tu Morrow and Rob Morrow
Tu Morrow and Rob Morrow

# 3 Tu Morrow

Parents: Rob Morrow

I don't know who Rob Morrow is, but I hear he is a star on the show Numbers. So he makes the list for most uniquely stupid use of a last name. Yes, his last name is Morrow and what goes best with Morrow... TU!!! It's so simple.

The Zappa Kids
The Zappa Kids

# 2 Moon Unit, Diva Thin Muffin, Dweesil, and Ahmet

Parents: Frank Zappa

I'm pretty sure the parents were on something when naming their children. Each child could have had there own space on here but I have combined them into one big bunch of craziness.

Jermajesty, not sure if we are referring to Jermaine's son or what Jermaine really wishes he was called.
Jermajesty, not sure if we are referring to Jermaine's son or what Jermaine really wishes he was called.

# 1 Jermajesty

Parents: Jermaine Jackson

Wow, i'm blown away by Jermaine's ego. He created his own word, named it after him, and made it royalty all in the same word. Jermaine in case you haven't noticed your are no longer relevant.


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    • kmes profile image

      Kayla Swanson 

      4 years ago from Wyoming

      Entertaining hub. Some of the celebrity kids' names are kind of cool. I'm actually partial to memphis eve but I wonder what her friends call her. I would go by Eve.


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