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Success in Social Media at a Glance

Updated on July 29, 2016

Targeting the Visual Customer With Video

Many people enjoy receiving information through the use of video. It is a clever idea to have videos created through which you entertain and enlighten your target customer. These videos can also include your marketing message. Since many people enjoy videos, a large target audience can be reached in this way. Video is perfect for clear physical demonstrations of how this product or service will solve a problem.

Pinpointing the Connected Customer Through Social Media

Social media is a powerhouse of marketing potential. A great many people tremendously enjoy social media and can best be reached in this manner. The various social media platforms each have their own etiquette, so it is best to use a savvy digital marketing agency to enable proper interactions. Potential clients reveal a great deal about themselves and the different things occurring in their lives on social media. It is helpful to know what stage of life the customer is in, for instance a teenager would probably be most receptive to marketing on Instagram, because that is what they use to communicate.

Targeting the Auditory Client With Podcasts

Podcasts are a relatively new platform that can be used to give information and marketing messages to clients. Podcasts are appropriate for people who enjoy listening to information, and who hear well. It is the same type of people who like to listen to the radio. Podcasts can be effectively tailored to marketing pitches. With podcasts, the listeners can communicate back to the presenter through a typing mechanism in order to ask questions about how they expect the product or service to work or fix their problem. These can be easily and effectively answered by the presenter for the benefit of the entire group on the podcast.

Using Newsletters for Avid Readers

Newsletters are low maintenance to create and are a strong way to stay in constant touch with potential customers. Most times, newsletters are sent via email, but printed newsletters are still quite often used. Newsletters are best for people who regularly read printed information. They are usually sent out on a monthly basis. After the purchase, what keeps the customer coming back is staying in constant, positive contact with them through newsletters and other means. By staying in touch through email newsletters, it is also easy to simply send out a survey and find out if the product or service disappointed them, met their expectations or even exceeded their expectation. It is always best to under promise and over deliver.

These are some of the most effective inbound marketing media through which you ideal customers may be reached. The thought process a person takes to make a purchase is dependent on them receiving a clear marketing message in a medium that they will pay attention to. They become emotionally attached to the idea of having the product or service, and they buy when they feel comfortable to do so. It is proper to pitch to the visual consumer through video and the more auditory client through podcasting. Socially savvy consumers highly prefer social media pitches and many customers respond well to newsletters. Observe where your target clients like to "hang out" on the Internet, and you will have taken a giant step toward knowing success on social media.


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