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Suge Knight One More Step Closer To Death Row

Updated on March 17, 2015

Suge Knight Claims He was Terrified for His Life during Hit and Run

James Blatt, who was replaced by David Kenner as Knight’s attorney, claims Suge did not run over the victims on purpose. He claims the former Death Row “gangsta” was simply trying to flee a vicious attack. But, that leaves many asking… why did he turn himself in on Friday, when this happened on Thursday?

Knight’s original bail of $2 million was revoked. The judge considered him to be a potential flight risk. He also believes if out on bail, Suge, who’s known for his bullying tactics, would intimidate witnesses. This came after the detectives on the case told the bail commissioner that Suge could potentially face a nice, long prison sentence because of his violent criminal past.

Suge Knight & Katt Williams Robbery Case

For instance, back in November, Suge turned himself in for a robbery case. He’d been out on bail since the beginning. In this instance, Suge Knight was arrested, along with comedian Katt Williams, for taking a photos camera “by force”, a popular word used to describe Suge’s tactics.

The alleged robbery, which supposedly occurred in Beverly Hills. Katt Williams is calling B.S., claiming the photo was taking pics of Suge’s 4-year old son. But, neither of them ever took her camera.

Knights was due in court on February 19. But, had to be rushed to the hospital due to complications from being shot. The shooting happened at a Chris Brown pre-VMA party back in August (whole ‘nother incident).

Live Footage

Suge Knight’s Alleged Role in Tupac VS Biggie Deaths

Should we also mention how Knight was one of the main players in a notorious rap conflict back in the 1990s? According to Hip Hop rumors, the music mogul was a big cause of the mess between Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, which eventually led to both of their murders.

Some say Tupac’s death was a hit, set up by Suge. Others believe that it was set up by Puff Daddy, who was Biggie’s manager.

Rumors Have It… Both Deaths Were Gang-Related

Then, there are the parts of the rumors that are related to the Crips and Bloods and Pirus of Compton, CA. Gang-related rumors have it that Biggie’s people were Compton Crips, while Tupac was “up under” Suge, who’s a certified Compton Piru.

If you follow this path of rumors, the Compton Crips killed Tupac, as a paid hit for Biggie. And, in retaliation, the Compton Pirus started a local war that caused bloodshed throughout the entire city. At some point, if these stories are true, it was inevitable that Biggie would be gunned down as well.

Suge went to prison for almost five years due to the beating he and Tupac gave a man at a Las Vegas hotel. The fight occurred just before Shakur was to be found dead… hours later. Can that be a link to his death? Or, as rumors have it, was this all a part of the plan to murder Tupac Shakur?

Suge Knight Charged with Murder

Is Suge Guilty Or Innocent

Is He guilty of Murder ?

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