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Suite Life on Deck “In the Line of Duty” Episode

Updated on August 22, 2009

Wrap Up of “In Line of Duty” Episode of Suite Life on Deck

The "In Line of Duty" episode of Suite Life on Deck premiered on August 21, 2009, on the Disney Channel. This episode begins with Zack setting off a stink bomb in the class to prove to the tecaher that he can create a chemical reaction. Moseby wants to permanently give Zack detention until he graduates, which he does not think it will ever happen. The teacher does not really want to have to stay after class so often. Her idea is to give him a position of authority, as the Hall Monitor, which she thinks will usually turn rebellious teens into a model citizen.

Cody and Bailey have trouble finding a time they both are not busy to get together. Zack then is taught how to be a hall monitor from Kirby. He is forced to write up Woody for not having a hall pass after given a lecture for letting Woody by. London interviews Bailey for the job at the ship’s clothing store and gives it to her after a joke of an interview, as can be expected from the sort of airhead London.

Moseby is impressed with how Zack is being a hall monitor and writing up people for not having hall passes. Zack is actually having fun. Moseby pretends it was his idea to give Zack authority. He then hugs the teacher and Zack writes them up for public display of affection.

Bailey gets in trouble for selling stuff at London’s clothing store. It turns out London only started the store as a way to have more clothes. Bailey then learns she is not supposed to be selling the clothes. Cody comes in to the store to spend a few quick minutes with Bailey. They do not have free time together until after curfew and Cody decides they should meet after curfew.

In the evening Bailey and Cody meet on the deck. As they run towards each other they run into each other and fall over. Then as they get ready to kiss Zack catches them out after curfew. Bailey is mad at Cody getting them into detention. Cody tries to get Zack to not give them a detention. Cody throws the book of rules into the ocean and Cody then resists being put under arrest by Zack.

Bailey has trouble not selling stuff in the store. She sells the dress to a lady who is expecting her boyfriend to propose that evening. London gets mad and chases Bailey around the store. London then chases her leaving a mannequin in charge of the store. They run by Zack, who gives them a detention for going to fast in the hallway. London tries to bribe Zack, but he does not accept it and gives her more detention.

The teacher starts to get annoyed at all the people in detention. She even aims a spitball at him. Zack soon finds everyone not wanting to be around him and hating him for putting them in detention. Zack then talks to Kirby about being shunned in the line of duty. He then goes to Moseby and resigns being a hall monitor for being going overboard in enforcing rules. Moseby convinces him to stop going to extremes and try being a normal student that follows the rules.

Cody and Bailey find detention to be the only place they can be together. They even have a picnic in the classroom. Zack then comes in for getting detention for another stink bomb as his plan to win back his friends. They decide to mob him instead, though. In the end London’s dad finds out that she was using the store as a closet and gets her to sell knick knacks instead and she hires Bailey to actually sell.

Overall this was kind of an odd episode with Cody being the one that gets in trouble. It will be interesting to see if Zack actually changes his ways a little, but I doubt it. Actually if he does a lot of the humor will leave the show and then it would not be as fun. It is nice to see the relationship between Cody and Bailey starting to develop more. Certainly not among the best episodes, but still an interesting plot line.


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