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Suite Life on Deck “Kitchen Cassanova” Episode

Updated on September 5, 2009

Wrap Up of “Kitchen Cassanova” Episode of Suite Life on Deck

The “Kitchen Cassanova” episode of Suite Life on Deck premiered on the Disney Channel on September 4, 2009. This episode begins with London and Zach in an Art class. London thinks it is a make up class in terms of her doing her make up and not making up failing art the previous semester. Her makeup brush causes Zach to sneeze his pudding onto his canvas ruining his canvas.

Woody is the only boy in home economics, so he can hit on Addison. Bailey is also in this class. Cody ends up being the teacher for the home economics class because the teacher got injured chopping onions when the ship hit a big wave. The class is a first hesitant to accept him as the teacher. He then shows off by making a tomato look like a rose and cracking four eggs at once. Addison is whisking the meringue too fast and Bailey gets jealous for how he feeds the meringue to her and then another girl in the class.

Zach is almost done with another painting and London suddenly comes in and makes him mess up on his name. London has realized she needs a painting to pass the art class. She ends up paying Zach $20 for the pudding sneeze painting. She then meets a rich friend, who thinks London got the painting for $20,000 and buys it off of her for $30,000.

Cody tries to spend time with Bailey. The other classmates from home economics keep interrupting with their gazpacho for Cody to try. Bailey becomes more jealous, especially since Cody does not even notice it is an issue. The girls with their gazpacho mob Cody including someone Bailey recognizes as someone not in the class.

Bailey tries to convince London she is not jealous of the other girls getting attention from Cody. She does not think she is jealous, but London refuses to believe she is not. In class everyone rushes up to feel Cody’s triceps while he is kneading dough. He then hands out grades on cookie for the gazpacho. Bailey does not like that she got a C+ and Cody explains it is because it was just traditional while other girls tried new things. Bailey breaks one of the girls spoon and Cody gives her a demerit.

After class Bailey gets mad at Cody and he seems clueless. Woody is also jealous because Addison is interested in Cody and not him. Bailey comes up with an idea to get Cody jealous to get him to notice her again.

Zach runs into the lady buying his paintings from London. He finds out London was selling them for a profit and at first thinks she sold it for $30. Zack goes to confront London. She thinks he found out her secret about having big ears as a child. He then finds out she sold the paintings for $30,000. He takes the latest masterpiece sneeze art and is determined to sell it himself.

Back in Home Economics Bailey tries to use Woody to make Cody jealous. He fails to work with her plan. He takes her off her feet and makes it look like he is going to kiss her and Cody finally notices. A kitchen utensil and food fight over Cody begins among the girls.

Zach starts an auction to try to sell his masterpiece directly from the artist. London shows up and says she is not going to buy anymore of his paintings. Since London does not want it the others do not want it. London gives Zach $20, though, since she still needs a painting for class. London tries to make amends for taking advantage of Zach, but all she offers is sharing the outfit she got with the money.

Cody talks to Bailey trying to figure out what is wrong with Bailey because of how she acted in the fight. She admits she is jealous because the girls in the class were flirting with him. He did not even notice and says she is the only girl he notices. He treated her poorly in class because he did not want to show favoritism. Zach then shows up having heard about the food fight and is disappointed to have missed it.

Overall this is one of my favorite episodes of Suite Life on Deck so far.  It really shows the twins growing up and having more complex characters and emotions without seeming too dramatic beyond what is used for the humor.  It is nice to see Zach for once doing something productive and not being up to mischief or being the crazy hall monitor , although I hope that he does get into mischief again soon or it will get boring.  This episode also really shows London kind of realizing what she did to Zach even though she does not quite yet learn to not be such a rich snob.  Lastly, seeing Cody and Bailey work through the jealousy turned out to be a romantic end.


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