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Summary of movie "Philadelphia"

Updated on February 21, 2011

The film is named after the town where the story takes place in Philadelphia, which means brotherly love, the city where he was writing the declaration of U.S. independence, symbolizing freedom and equality of all men without exception. We see in this film that the actions and opinions of the people are utterly antagonistic to these symbols.

The film shows the outrage that people had against those who had AIDS, and especially against homosexuals. Also evident in some places the prejudice against people of African descent.

Andrew Beckett is a promising lawyer who has just been promoted, but is inexplicably fired on the grounds of being incompetent. Beckett believes he was fired for what he had discovered HIV. Then begins the struggle for justice.

In this era when the film is AIDS was considered the "gay plague", ie a person who had AIDS was therefore almost gay. There was also the belief that the disease could be transmitted only by physical contact such as shaking hands and hugging, and this caused further discrimination and segregation of people with AIDS, making these the most conceal his illness.

Beckett then go looking for a lawyer. All deny the aid. Until a famous TV lawyer puts aside their preconceived opinions and accept your request. The rationale of the process could be a 1973 law that prohibited discrimination against people who have physical handicaps ability to fulfill its functions, where AIDS is fit. Then took the case to the judiciary.

At trial, an important point which comes under discussion is whether Beckett should have told about their illness or if he had the right to hide it. Hiding it ran the risk of transmitting to others, the ways that we know today. On the other hand, should tell the truth from the beginning, they would keep the company?

After a long trial, the cause of Andrew Beckett is gained. He died very ill in hospital but with a sense of justice done.

Currently, the prejudices are still alive in the hearts of most of the population. The prejudice against color, sexual orientation, religion, social status, has no limits. With respect to AIDS and homosexuality, it is known that the health situation has improved greatly in recent years with more sophisticated treatments that prolong life in much of people, although in several countries, especially those in Africa, treatment is very expensive, making it impossible to most people get the drugs. In the social situation of these individuals remains precarious with segregation and psychological and physical aggression.

It is the duty of every human being to respect the differences of others, even if they are not in accordance with their conduct. Any individual has the right to have his own course of life, since I will not endanger those around her.

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