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Summer Fun in the GTA!

Updated on February 4, 2014

Summer time is the time of the year to go out and enjoy what our communities have to give! Nothing like going out for a walk after supper, taking the kids to the park on the weekends, and enjoying some hot-weather-outdoors-fun!

Aside from the kid’s parks and the great weather outside, the keywords of every summer are FREE fun, festivals, music and arts! The Great Toronto Area (GTA) adds on to that with a little culture too: a metropolitan complex with over 100 different cultures meshed together, the GTA brings to the summer plate a fun time for everyone to enjoy.

In the GTA, no one can give the usual “nothing to do, boring city” excuse! From the small independent and community events, to the spotlight well known events, the T-dot complex is busy all summer long!


Spring/Summer Events:

Summer is just starting, and already the city has awakened in summer fever with all kinds of May events! May has definitely become the photography month with exciting events such as Photrospective, Contact and the Imaging Show.

Photographers from all areas of expertise came out and shared with everyone in Toronto, their inspirations, talents and their views of the world through their own lenses.

Current and Upcoming Events:

If you were not in the GTA this May, and missed all these amazing events, well…. you missed out on a lot of fun! No worries, we are not done yet and summer has just begun!

There is a tone of festivals, concerts and other events happening here this summer, and this city is so upbeat during summer season that is almost impossible to post up a complete list of all the great events. The following is just a tiny little peak on what’s to come this season at T-dot & GTA:

Coming up June 10 to 19, we have a major event that caters to the creative arts and performances – Luminato. The cool thing about it is that Luminato is not a one show thing – it is happening throughout the city and has a little thing for everyone, and best of all, some of the events are free! I suggest you check out the different venues and participants this year.

Next month, from July 15th to the 24th we have the Beaches International Jazz Festival! Great live music, steamy weather and an amazing landscape! Anyone who loves music should come down to Toronto to have a blast this summer.

In August, youth is in the spotlight with StArt Youth Presenting Art in Scarborough – a festival that caters to our local young talent! “Created for youth by youth”, StArt YPA welcomes everyone to come out and celebrate “Scarborough’s young emerging artists”. For the young talents reading this, auditions take place this Saturday, June 11 – check out the website for more information.

That’s not all!

This short list is just a little on the major events for each month of summer 2011 in the GTA, but it is not all of it, not at all!

Music, celebrations, culture and the arts are everywhere in the GTA, the whole summer-long! Community events go on a peak this season, as well as independent artistic commemorations. There is always something to do Monday through Sunday, not excuses allowed!

If you are downtown, check out Dundas Square and you are sure to have a blast! Almost every weekend there is something happening there and most of it is open to all public and FREE!

If you are a Toronto & GTA resident, check out your community website and recreation centres for more information. If you are a tourist or just a curious mind, you can Google up Toronto & GTA website for more information on fun in the GTA.

Come out and have a great fun summer!

Where is Toronto?

© 2011 Veronica Almeida


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    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 6 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      :-) --- Cool .... okay - bring her along. I have a daughter living with me too!

    • varonny profile image

      Veronica Almeida 6 years ago from TORONTO

      Lol, alone? tell that to my little girl :)

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 6 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      :-) -- come alone and you can stay with me LOL.... there are a number of cabin rentals - feel free to call me - my number is on my profile.... and after talking with you to find out what are your needs I could make some calls for you and email you contacts .... Erie Beach is a clean hotel (dated but clean) and only a block from the beach if that would do.

    • varonny profile image

      Veronica Almeida 6 years ago from TORONTO

      Thank you Neil,

      I should go over there this summer! I'm in need of a few nice days at the beach - might take the family for a few days, since it is in Ontario.

      Any tips on places to stay for a few days?

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 6 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Summer Fun at the Beach at Port Dover too.... Port Dover is Ontario's best kept secret... beach is awesome and Lake Erie is warm in the the bay area where we are -- drop on down some time... you will LOVE IT !!!

      Good tips on things to do - thanks for sharing