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Updated on September 15, 2016

8-Bit Man

A little chap that become the company logo.
A little chap that become the company logo.

How it got started

In 2010 I began making animations as a means to allow the hours to pass by. Not being an animator or having any experience in film making. It started as a "Bored at work" project.

How could I pass the hours productively. Using a mouse, Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker, strange little animations started to be created.

In July 2013 I decided to invest a little and upgrade the equipment that I was using and start So now I am trying stop motion animation.

​It was something that I had started to pass the time, that had turned into something that I enjoyed doing. That is now what I want to do.

So I now spend my time building models, creating sets and writing projects ready for a day with the camera and a few Lego mini-figures.

What I do

I currently use a Nikon D7100 for the photography. Then I put it all together with Cyberlink PowerDirector. When I have a finished project I upload it to SumoFilmsuk YouTube channel.

The creations are fun and the time it takes to create them is down to the fact that I normally do it 2 different ways.

I either write a script and then go with it, or have a rough idea of want I want to achieve and make it up as I go along.

Lego Star Wars

LEGO fun

Darth Vader comes for an evening meal with the Big Bang Theory guys
Darth Vader comes for an evening meal with the Big Bang Theory guys

How to animate LEGO

Would you like to learn how to make these awesome little animations that you see everywhere, so that you can pick up a camera and have a go yourself?

If you are new to animating, I recommend doing some research and a few test runs. Find some key tools that you are comfortable using. Especially software, I myself have been through a few with varying degrees of success before now settling on my current piece and I haven’t changed. But as they say “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

Lego is fantastic for the animation as it is fun to play around with. Quick to build any set you can think of. And then the stories write themselves (even the rubbish ones).

The unfortunate regular victims of my torment are the poor Storm Troopers, but we get along fine so they don't complain to much.​


Animation fun

Once you have the idea, and it is as good as you can make it, it is time for the really fun part – creating the final product! Here are the stages that I go through in producing a film.

1. Build sets and characters.
2. Set up the studio.
3. Animate!
4. Edit shots.
5. Record voices and sounds.
6. Edit it all together.
7. Finished! Upload to the internet.

Not all happens necessarily like this but this is the general way that things go. Sometimes sets and characters might get built some time before and other times I might just sit and build and make a film right there and then “just go with it” sort of thing depending on what I find. Hey, I would not have created LEGO Zombies if I had not done something of that nature.

LEGO Star Wars - Battlefront Hospital

Unfortunate patient
Unfortunate patient

Animated shorts

As well as the Lego Star Wars, I have created plots involving other mini figures from the Lego world. Often getting into themselves into trouble and then having some bizarre ending.

The process usually starts with a single mini-figure in my hand and me writing a small plot around that character. Many of the originals where based on 3 Storm troopers who didn't really have much luck. The cast has expanded a little now though.

All for fun though and I hope that you enjoy what is available now and as the catalogue of creations grows.

New projects

We are constantly in development and been expanded in order to accommodate larger sets.

New Lego sets and mini-figures are always sort after, to enable the creation of more fun and exciting story lines.

The website is always been tweaked to accommodate more information.

And more and more strange noises are been made in to the microphone as voices and sound effects.

The animation process is always a laugh and takes longer than it should. But I hope that you enjoy some of the finished pieces.

© 2012 Richard


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