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SuperMan Returns Review

Updated on April 20, 2013

My review of the SuperMan Returns movie



    SuperMan Returns is the latest installment of the SuperMan movies. Although the last SuperMan movie was made.......a long time ago, they still managed to keep the story going without making it seem like the old movies never happened. This SuperMan movie takes place in the present time period and as you may have guessed, SuperMan has returned. In the old movies he never left, but in this new movie, they tell when, and why he left and did it well enough to where it didn't just seem like an excuse. As SuperMan returns he has to go back to the split life he had being Clark Kent and also the Man of Steel. Since he's been gone, things have changed though, Lois Lane has moved on and now has a child and fiance. This becomes hard for SuperMan to take and during the whole movie, he's trying to cope with losing her and saving the world from Lex Luger. Which brings us to our villan. Lex Luger is a ex con which may have been from an older movie, I haven't seen the old ones, but they make it sound like he is. Lex is hell bent on creating his own world, one without SuperMan. He finds some secret stuff (don't want to spoil the secrets) and this becomes a big problem for SuperMan. How will SuperMan save the world and also try to win back the woman he lost? Well you have to watch it to find out. Visually the movie looked beautiful. The computer graphics were very good and did a good job of making things look like superhero without the being corny. The sounds were great as well, there was one time SuperMan was just listening around and being that he can hear everything it comes from every direction. The surround sound in the theatre started making voices behind me and on the side, ect ect, and I must say I looked around because I thought people were being rude. My overview of the story may have not been very detailed but that's because I dont want to ruin it for you, but the story is actually very good and does a good job of explaining a lot without spending too much time on it. Speaking of time, the movie is about 3 hours long which kinda got uncomfortable at times to sit, but mostly because I had to go to the bathroom. If you're looking for a good movie that isn't too hardcore geek with some love for the lady, SuperMan Returns does a great job of balancing the elements of a movie to make it feel like a good movie and not just a comic book movie. I give SuperMan Returns an A even though it was a little long and I recommend anyone who likes movies to go see it because it doesn't just shoot for one type of audience. 


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    • adamgong profile image

      adamgong 11 years ago from Arroyo Grande

      I too saw this movie and felt is was very AVERAGE. I thought that the new Superman movie would be groundbreaking, and truly do Christopher Reeves justice, however I believe it fell short. I think it was very slow, was too long, and took too much time to develop. I did enjoy the special effects (ie: Superman's flying, crystal effects, etc) however the great special effects weren't enough too make this movie as great as it should have been.

      The Positives: Special effects, Spider Man 3 trailer

      The Negatives: Development Time, Duration, Acting