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Supernatural Review: "Hello, Cruel World"

Updated on November 10, 2012

The second episode starts off right where the first left off with Castiel being overtaken by the Leviathans. It is also nice to see that Ben Edlund wrote this episode as he always manages to write some of the best episodes in the series. The episode begins with us seeing that Castiel's vessel is to weak to handle the power of the Leviathans so the walk away into the local public water supply, and disperse. It's a bit upsetting how the scene fell a bit short and was incredibly anticlimactic when you consider how big of a cliffhanger last week was. All the while, it is quite saddening to see the fan favorite Castiel possibly gone for the long haul, but seeing how Supernatural works it wouldn't be surprising by any means to see Castiel come back later for some sort of redemption. Seeing how Misha Collins is only signed on for two episodes this season, I see him getting redemption in a similar way that John Winchester had his final stand back in the season two finale when his spirit weakened Azazel.

It was still sad to see Castiel go, anyway you look at it. He was such a fan favorite and it is sad to see him go in such a disturbing manner as he bled black all over the place. Dean is clearly broken up over it, as all he finds is his best friend's signature raincoat. Dean and Bobby also seem to forget where Sam has gone missing to. Back inside, Sam's hallucinations have gotten more aggressive and Lucifer has him questioning everything. Dean manages to breakthrough to Sam and they bring him to Bobby's house for some rest.

When Sam wakes up Dean questions Sam as to what is bothering him. Dean tries to reason with him, seeing how Dean has also spent time in hell, and Sam decides to come clean. This sets up one of the best scenes of the episode as Sam is carrying a conversation with both Dean and Lucifer all at once as he isn't sure who is real and who is a part of a hallucination. It also benefits from great acting from Mark Pellegrino, and it is great to see him back in the role as he truly brings something special in his performance as Lucifer to the show.

I think I'll stay around for just a bit longer
I think I'll stay around for just a bit longer

Dean follows up the conversation by patching up Sam's hand that he cut. This scene becomes a very important part for later in the episode as Dean tries to reach Sam. Bobby and Dean take it upon themselves to do research on the Leviathans, which proves difficult as there is nothing on them in any book. The Leviathans managed to spread world wide by going through the water supply and it is shown to have taken over multiple human hosts. It takes over human hosts by infecting them with a black ooze that is usually spread through water, sinks, or fountains.

The Leviathans infect namely a little girl, and a mechanic. The two seem at first to be leaders of the Leviathans, but not much is certain. The mechanic mentions a boss who is still unknown to us, but could be brought in at some point in the next few weeks. The Leviathans are bringing to much attention to themselves and the little girl comes up with a plan to make things easier for their kind to feed. It becomes a doctor and feeds on the most dire of patients. As it takes over the form of the doctor it manages to bring back a joke back from season five, of Doctor Sexy MD. Its a clear jab at shows like Grey's Anatomy.

Sheriff Jody Mills make another appearance here as she just so happens to be one of the patients at the hospital the Leviathans are hiding out at. When she sees one of the Leviathans devour a patient, she makes an emergency call to Bobby explaining what she had seen. Bobby, however, is alone with Sam making sure he is safe considering his hallucinations while Dean is coming back from a hunt. Bobby isn't sure whether he should leave Sam by himself, but Sam tells him to go. Boy does that go well.

Bobby gets Jody Mills out of the hospital and takes it upon himself to do some investigating. He finds that some of the patients have died from simple surgical procedures. He also notices that they have hastened the process and finished the autopsy already. His investigation gets interrupted as one of the Leviathans walks in on him and immediately recognizes him. Bobby quickly attacks the Leviathan hitting it with a hammer. To his surprise it has seemingly no effect, and the Leviathan screams in a manner some what similar to Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It seemed as if it was alerting the other Leviathans in the area of Bobby's presence. Bobby quickly gets out of dodge after his shotgun blast still has no effect on the Leviathan.

Dean barges into Bobby's house looking for Sam saying that the two need to go after the Leviathans right now. To the viewer, we already know this is not really Dean. There is no way that Dean would ever take Sam anywhere at this point. He is not that stupid. Sam is taken to a warehouse by Lucifer, presumably, Sam drove but didn't realize it. Luckily, Dean activated the GPS on Sam's phone and tracks him down to the warehouse. Dean finds a frantic Sam firing off round after round in the warehouse. Dean attempts to calm him down and Sam doesn't know what is and isn't real up until Dean grabs Sam's hand where he patched him up. He makes Sam feel pain as he pushes down on the cut that he patched him, showing Sam what is real. Every time that pressure was put on the cut, Lucifer began to fade away so Sam kept pushing until he disappeared.

"This conversation does not require a weapons discharge!"
"This conversation does not require a weapons discharge!"

Sam and Dean hightail it back to Bobby's only to find that the place has been burnt down, and Bobby is nowhere to be found. Dean tries his cell phone and doesn't get a response. In the scene, Dean also finally shows how he really feels. He tells Bobby's voice mail that he is falling apart and that if Bobby is no gone as well, he would be wrecked. It's a touching scene that is a bit familiar to when Dean broke down calling his father's cell phone back in season one. Dean is close to being broken seeing how his best friend is dead, his brother is in shambles and now the only place that he could really call home has burnt to the ground. To make things worse, a Leviathan is walking around the Singer Junkyard and is advancing on Sam. Dean comes to his aid, and fires his shotgun point blank to the Leviathans head and still it has no effect. The boys manage to drop a vehicle on the Leviathan but before hand the Leviathan smacks Sam hard across the head, knocking him out cold. Dean makes a call to 911 asking for an ambulance as that is the only thing he could do as all of his other friends are gone. The ambulance picks him and Sam up where Sam begins to have seizures in the ambulance after he begins to see Lucifer again. Dean also hears the driver explain that they are going to the hospital where the Leviathans are holding up.

It is another tense cliffhanger that we aren't used to as the boys are now completely alone to fend for themselves against an unknown threat. To add to the matter, the boys also are going through issues of their own. It should set up for another intense episode as this season is shaping up very nicely.


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