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Supernatural Saturday Night: Annabelle Creation

Updated on February 17, 2018
Kristina Stancil profile image

Freelance Writer, Novelist, & aspiring Criminologist....member of the Horror Writers Association, MH English, Tiffin U

I had high hopes for the Annabelle sequel, Annabelle: Creation. Since the original movie featured the nurses who had requested aid from Ed and Lorraine Warren, I had hoped that they would be featured more in depth with this movie, since of course, it is “From The Warren Files.” Unfortunately, the movie did not, at least to the point in which I grew incredible bored, and turned it off did not mention the Warrens at all. The creation of the doll is covered in this movie because the character, Samuel Mullins is a doll maker. He and his wife are God fearing people so they do not intentionally do anything to entice a demon into their home. Samuel and his wife, Esther are on their way home from church when they suffer a flat. Samuel is having a hard time changing the tire and when a lug nut pops off, their little daughter, Bee attempts to chase down the missing lug nut. She chases it right into the path of an oncoming truck and dies instantly.

Consumed with their grief over the loss of their child, Samuel and Esther pray constantly, asking any merciful deity to have pity on them so they can have their child back. A spirit that looks and acts like Bee begins visiting them. She seeks to be allowed to inhabit one of the special dolls that Samuel has made for a special collection. It is not long before they realize that the spirit is not their child but a demonic entity wishing to find a human host to possess. The doll causes Esther have a serious accident, costing her an eye. They finally trap the doll into Bee's bedroom closet that they wallpaper over, lock, and then paste pages of the Bible over the wallpaper. They have priests who come in to bless the closet to contain the evil within.

Twelve years later in an act of contrition for their transgression against God for opening themselves open to demonic forces they turn their home into a Catholic girls home. They have only one locked door on the first floor, the room that used to be Bee’s, and Samuel informs new girl, Janice that its the one room in the house that will always stay locked. The other room on the first floor is Mr. and Mrs. Mullins room. Sister Charlotte, the nun in charge of the girls asks if it would be possible for her and Janice, who is recovering from Polio to have a room on the first floor since most of the girls would be staying upstairs. Janice’s best friend, Linda, asks both Sister Charlotte and Mr. Mullins if she could stay with her too. Mr. Mullins surprises them all with the chair lift that he had originally had installed for his wife. Janice attempts to use the chair but as a good father would, Mr. Mullins informs Janice that the chair would not work unless she was buckled properly into the chair, safely. Due to the chair lift, Janice is the first up the stairs. She discovers a beautiful room with four beds and hopes to share it with Linda. The oldest girl is a horrible bully and she claims the room for her three closest friends, also the oldest girls. Janice does not understand why her and Linda cannot have the other two beds in a compromise. Two different sets of best friends sharing half of the room but the girl quickly gets her two friends to come in and claim the room before Sister Charlotte can be asked to intervene...since of course, they all knew Janice had got there first.

Janice finds a room littered with full and partially made dolls. Young Linda, is somewhat creeped out by the room by since it is perfectly sized for the two smaller girls who still play with dolls she finally agrees to share the room with her. Janice sometimes is unable to sleep so she wonders the house. One night when she cannot sleep she finds her way into the room that is supposed to be locked. The doll, drawn on the power of the animosity between the older girls who bully primarily Janice for not being able to follow them as enamored as Linda does is able to unlock both the bedroom and closet door. She is fascinated by the bedroom, which is a little girl’s dream bedroom. She’s a little frightened by the doll but instead of investigating the doll, she realizes that Mr. Mullins has seen her in the window of Bee’s room. Janice is able to make it back to her room before Mr. Mullins comes in. He checks on the girls to make sure they are in bed. The doll is enticed by the fear and the next night stalks Janice. She tries to get away but the doll follows. The spirit throws her from the second landing and she becomes paralyzed.

Her spirit broken down even more, Janice is soon possessed by the doll. Linda notices the severe changes in her friend and even though Sister Charlotte is not inclined to believe her, Mr. Mullins is. He attempts to get Janice help but the demon kills him and attempts to do the same to Sister Charlotte. Linda, realizing the doll is the basis for what is controlling her friend she tries to destroy the doll.

The demon is able to kill Esther and moves on when Sister Charlotte does not get up from her attack. Sister Charlotte is only knocked out. Sister Charlotte is able to recover from her attack is somehow able to trap Janice and the doll long enough for the other girls to escape from the home. The demon is fully able to possess Janice and escapes from the closet somehow. She ends up in an orphanage in California calling herself, Annabelle. The movie closes out the fact that Janice’s body is the Annabelle that is adopted by the Higgins family in the first Annabelle movie. It touches on the fact that the adult version joins the demonic cult to feed on the members’ love of Satan, only to return to murder the adoptive parents, who were praying for the child to return. For some reason, knowing that she was injured, and drawn to a similar doll in the collection as to which the demon was first using as a vessel transfers its essence back to the doll.

The idea being that the screen writers wished to connect the first and second movies.

© 2018 Kristina Stancil


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