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Supernatural: Season 7 Mid-Season Review

Updated on December 8, 2011

Supernatural has been a fantastic show that does not receive the attention that it should. This season has been one of the worst of the seven seasons but yet it still is very entertaining. It picks up right where we left our characters from last season when Castiel pronounced himself God. Castiel took on souls from purgatory which quickly proved to be too much power for him to control. Some of the souls he took on where revealed to be that of the old ones, to which Death identified as the Leviathans. Death decides to help them in transferring the souls back to purgatory and it seemingly works. Castiel apolgizes to Dean for not listening to him and asks for his forgiveness, to which Dean isn't sure he can provide. Castiel then promises Dean that he will redeem himself, and that he will find a way to redeem himself. Shortly after, Castiel tells Dean and Bobby to run because the Leviathans were the only souls that were still inside of him and that they were to strong for him to hold them back. The Leviathans take over Castiel's body and toss Dean and Bobby across the room. Dean sees that Castiel's body is undergoing a change where black sludge his running through his veins.

"Cas, he's gone, he's dead. We run the show now."

Sam was absent from the ordeal Castiel was going through due to his hallucinations of Hell getting the best of him. When he went to get something for the spell to send the souls back to purgatory, he was confronted by none other than Lucifer. Sam tried to rationalize it as just the wall in his head coming down and memories of hell are flooding back in. Yet, Lucifer explains to him that he is still in Hell with him and that this may just be the best torture yet. It is an interesting trick on how to continue messing with Sam, but as a viewer, I have no doubts that Sam is back on Earth and not in Hell. It is an interesting trick on Lucifer's part that seeps doubt into Sam's mind on what is real and what is fake that played a bigger role in the second episode of the season when he isn't even sure that Dean is real. Sam pulls a gun on Dean thinking that in all actuality that he is in fact Lucifer. Sam is lured to a warehouse by Lucifer who is in fact in a disguise that makes Sam believe that he is Dean. He is lured to the warehouse by Lucifer (fake Dean) saying that the Leviathans are there. Dean brings Sam back by going back to the wound on Sam's hand that he suffered in the finale of season six when he cut his hand. Previously in the second episode Dean bandaged it up and when Sam went off the reservation thinking that his older brother was in fact Lucifer, Dean pressed hard on Sam's wound explaining to him that this is real. If it was fake, Sam wouldn't feel it. Sam noticed Lucifer would disappear with every press on the wound and when he pressed hard enough he disappeared forever.

Even though it is kind of a weird way to bring back Lucifer, I have no problem with it. Mark Pellegrino's performance as the character is more than welcome on the show. He is creepy, while being funny and a smart ass. Ten episodes into the season we have only seen Lucifer in two episodes so I expect to see more of him in the second half. Throughout the season we have frequently seen Sam pressing on the wound, often checking to make sure everything he is seeing is real. It also leads me to believe that he is still seeing Lucifer but does not want to reveal that to Dean seeing how mentally unstable he is. As of now Sam is being the good little solider to keep Dean from worrying about himself. Dean is incredibly fragile seeing how his best friend, Castiel, has died and set forth this incredible evil that seems unkillable on the world. Dean views Castiel as more than a friend, he views him as family, which he explained in season six when he tried to bring him back from going off the rails. Castiel's downfall mirrored Sam's in season four which most likely is why it hurt Dean that much more. The fact that no matter what he said or did, it didn't change Sam or Castiel's mind about what they were doing.

"You can't torture someone who has nothing left to take away."

The next few episodes revolved around the guilt that Dean is carrying around and how he doesn't explain why he is carrying around so much guilt to Sam. In the third episode "The Girl Next Door", Sam goes after his old friend Amy played by Jewel Staite from Firefly because he believes she may be killing people, which goes against her MO. He finds out that she is killing only to keep her son alive. Sam decides to let her live as he has similarities with her and the fact that she saved him when they were kids. Dean however, isn't as forgiving and kills her. He tells her that eventually the other shoe will always drop, as he is an expert on people like her. Which can be seen as he doesn't fully believe that Sam is alright, and that eventually he will break but above all else the scene shows how Dean is truly losing it. The next few episodes show that he feels guilty for killing Sam's friend and eventually when the boys are fighting a few Leviathans that are disguised as the Winchesters, fake Dean reveals to Sam that Amy was killed by Dean. It understandably frustrates Sam as he walks away from Dean but, by the end of the next episode the two are back together and Sam explains that he understands why Dean did it. In return, Sam asks Dean to promise him to be more upfront with him moving forward.

A majority of the episodes in the first half of the season have been for the most part filler episodes providing little details here and there that advances the main plot just a nudge. For instance, one episode when the Leviathans are impersonating Sam and Dean they are forced to keep a low profile while Bobby is holding one captive trying to find a way to kill them. The main story in that central episode was Sam and Dean hiding, Dean being forced to get rid of the Impala as it sticks out to much and dropping the rock star alias. While Bobby found a way to kill the Leviathans, at least that's how it seems, by using bleach. It's a bit weak in my own opinion. The Leviathans as a whole come off a bit disappointing. The first scene we saw them started them off on such a high note as we saw Castiel being turned into a sadistic malevolent force and now the Leviathans just are smart things that seemingly want to take over the world. There is no sense of direction with the big bad in this season, while previous seasons have always had the clear direction with the apocalypse, the psychic children, the seals and what have you.

We have been presented with the assumed leader of the Leviathans who is a very smug and arrogant man who is running for President. He is aptly named Dick, but unlike previous big bads, I'm not in the least bit afraid of him. Sure he is powerful but how about you show some of that power? That's not to much to ask now is it? All that we have seen thus far from Dick is that the bleach doesn't effect him the way it does to other Leviathans and seemingly his biggest power is his cocky smile and arrogant laugh. Dean makes a comment when Dick laughs in his face saying, "your either laughing because your scared, or your too stupid."

"I thought it was time we met in person."

One of the bigger surprises of the season is how absent demons have been and that was addressed in episode eight when crossroads demons were breaking their deals and collecting souls early. Crowley jumped in when he was made aware of this and delivered his sort of justice to the one that was breaking the rule. Sam and Dean also speak with Crowley and Crowley explains to them why they have not seen demons in quite sometime. Crowley knows that he is outmatched by the Leviathans, so who better to be tasked with the job of killing them then the Winchesters. In order to make sure the Winchesters stay focused on that goal, he has pulled his demons off of them completely. It would not surprise at all if at some point Crowley offers a helping hand, similar to season five when they dealt with the devil they already know. Crowley will do whatever is necessary to survive and if it means helping the Winchesters, he has already done it once.

Could this be the last of Bobby?
Could this be the last of Bobby?

The mid-season finale ended on a very emotional episode with Bobby being shot by Dick in the episode leading up the finale. Bobby found himself inside his own mind trying to find away out in order to give the boys a bit of information that he found out that could likely turn the tide in the war against the Leviathans. The 10th episode is always a big one in each Supernatural season, and while this episode didn't have any big reveals it may just be one of the most heart wrenching episodes of the series. Rufus appeared in the episode as a pseudo-guide for Bobby in trying to find a way to stay alive. The episode had similarities to the season two premiere where Dean had an out of body experience, but this episode was darker and was much more foreboding. Seeing Bobby slowly fade away and forget his memories was brutal but it also did a great job of showing how he was essentially the adopted father of Sam and Dean and how much they meant to him seeing his doubts in being a father. Bobby's own father was an abusive drunk and that led to him being hesitant to have a baby with his wife. We are shown a scene where he is confronted by his grieving wife as she cannot understand why he doesn't want to have a baby with her. Even more haunting is the fact that three days later after that fight, she was possessed by a demon which is what got Bobby into the life.

The boys have been through quite the ordeal already, how will they deal with potential passing of Bobby?
The boys have been through quite the ordeal already, how will they deal with potential passing of Bobby?

Eventually Bobby found the memory that had been haunting him, and it was that of killing his abusive father when he was a child. Before hand he confronted his father, where he and his mother would constantly berate him saying that he breaks everything that he touches and that God was going to punish him. Bobby came back at his father by stating that he adopted two boys that grew up wonderfully, in fact they would later become heroes. The episode did a fantastic job of showing how much Sam and Dean meant to him. We've always known that Bobby was like their father, but it was nice to see how long he has been there for them. When Bobby did get through his memory, it seemed his body was making progression and eventually he did wake up as Sam and Dean appeared at his bed side. Sam grabbed Bobby's hand and as they were walking away, Bobby reached out for them and wrote on Sam's hand a bunch of numbers presumably leading to something Leviathan related. In the previous episode when he got shot he was going through papers that Dick had, so Bobby clearly must have found something on them that Sam and Dean needed to know. Bobby's final words to the boys was his signature phrase, "Idjits."


Bobby was constantly confronted in his memories by a reaper, and after he woke up to give the boys the information on the Leviathans the reaper caught up with him one last time. The reaper explained to him that it is his choice, stay or go. What Bobby was in was his final memory, a memory of himself and the boys discussing whether or not licorice is even a candy. Bobby simply smiled at the reaper and said that he is glad he saved the best for last and sat down. Quickly there after, Sam and Dean disapeared and the episode ended with the reaper once again asking the question, stay or go.

It is quite the powerful ending, but it's a hard pill to swallow that Bobby and Castiel will die in the same season. Considering the lack of characters, Bobby and Castiel are almost to important to die. Misha Collins is apparently going to appear in episode sixteen and a few episodes after that leading me to believe that he will not be playing the fallen angel that we all love. I find it much more likely we will see Collins being the leader of the Leviathans, above even Dick. Having the body of Castiel that the boys have grown accustomed to being possessed by the big bad Leviathan will be a traumatic event in itself. Seeing how it is Castiel's vessel it would not surprise if Castiel gets his redemption by ridding his vessel of the Leviathan similarly to the way Sam took down Lucifer in the season five finale. The similarity between the downfall of Castiel and Sam is very apparent as both thought that what they were doing was for the better of mankind but only made things worse.

It doesn't need to be said what kind of effect all of this will have on Sam and Dean. They will both be hurting, but Sam prepared himself for this and knew what to expect so he will be able to handle it better. While as Dean on the other hand has been teetering on the edge ever since Castiel's apparent death, so it's likely that if Bobby does indeed die that it would be the final straw. It would definitely be interesting to see how the rest of the season pans out if Bobby dies, but like I've said before I have a hard time seeing both Bobby and Castiel going in the same season. If Castiel does come back in some sort of capacity it wouldn't surprise me if he revived Bobby mostly to regain the boys trust once again.

The next thirteen episodes are going to come back in Feburary and I for one cannot wait. It will be interesting to see how the numbers that Bobby wrote on Sam's hand will be enough to help them take down the Leviathans, but even more so it'll be interesting to see how much more Sam is hallucinating. While this season has not lived up to the standard of the first five seasons, it still stands as one of the best television shows on at the moment due to the fantastic acting by Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and company. The show also benefits from witty writing that keeps audiences engaged. Overall I'd rate the first half as a 3.5 stars out of five, while the lack of clear goal from the Leviathans we are left to not really care for them or even be frightened of them but the chemistry between Padalecki and Ackles will ultimately keep fans watching until their eyes bleed.

"I'll be back Sammy."
"I'll be back Sammy."


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    • Nickalooch profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Columbia, MD

      im glad that the drama between Sam and Dean didnt last because in all honesty that is overplayed. It has happened before in Season 5, then Dean reconciled with Sam after being transported to the future where he saw Sam possesed by the Devil. the first two episodes were great and ever since then i feel the show has been stuck in neutral this season, and most of that is due to the fact that it has been mostly filler episodes providing very little bits and pieces to advance the overall arching plot to the season. Its still entertaining to me, so i will keep watching. but it is not on par with season 4 n 5

    • Daffy Duck profile image

      Daffy Duck 

      7 years ago from Cornelius, Oregon

      A well written hub. This series is a good one, but this season seems to be moving too fast. It kind of feels like they're rushing through plots just so they can squeeze it in an hour episode.

      One example is the conflict with Sam and Dean. It was over in 2 episodes. What a dissapointment. Why not spread it out over the second half of the season. Make their conflict add to the drama of the Leviathans and others they face. Make it cause problems so we don't know how the episodes will end.

      Just because they have 1 hour per episode doesn't mean they can't split the plots into 2 episodes. After all it is basically one long story anyway. They need to work on the drama aspect.

      Other than that I have been looking forward to Supernatural every Friday night. I love the story.

    • Nickalooch profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Columbia, MD

      i'm glad you enjoyed it. I was a bit mixed about the season up untill the final two episodes most notably with what happened to Bobby. like i say in the article, the season isn't on par with say season 4 or 5 but its still some of the best tv on currently. thanks for stopping by though

    • anunez49 profile image


      7 years ago from New York

      Great Article. I haven't really been watching supernatural this season so it was nice to get a quick recap of the first half of the season. Great job! I only got to see the episode where Dick shot Bobby and that was heart wrenching to watch. I can't wait for the episodes to come back!

    • Nightmarephantom profile image


      7 years ago from Columbia, MD

      This article is fantastic, it's easy to see you're passionate.


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