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Supernatural Season 8: Will Dean Winchester Get His Family Back?

Updated on September 1, 2012
The Winchester boys and Castiel
The Winchester boys and Castiel | Source

Sam Winchester's Love Life

In interviews at Comic Con, it was hinted that Sam Winchester will have a love interest in season 8 of Supernatural. Apparently someone likes Sam(Jared Padalecki) with his shirt off. Good for him, the guy's life has been painful for such a long time with Ruby and his now-gone werewolf girlfriend, so he needs something good to hold on to. But it got me thinking, What about Dean Winchester's love life?

Dean Winchester's Family

Dean Winchester had a family in season six of Supernatural. He had a good son and loving wife who knew Dean's past as a hunter and wasn't scared of him (for awhile, anyway). They were supposed to be his "happy" ending after Sam Winchester put Lucifer back in his box.

Looking back, you saw how Dean felt about having a kid when he ran into Ben back in season 2. He was at curious,maybe even horrified (they seemed so much alike, he thought they were related). But he came to love the idea as he smiled when the kid hit on girls and beat down a bully. It was "Little Dean" and it was very cute.

But it was all destroyed by Crowley's shenanigans and Dean's gray moral choice.

Erasing Memory, the Right Course?

To make his family forget he ever existed was cruel for Dean to do to himself and them. It also robbed Supernatural of the chance to have Dean change and evolve as a character. Without his family, he reverts somewhat to what he was before, a way-too-easily-excited dog--referring to his female attractions here-- and a hunter with only his brother and Bobby Singer to hang on to.

Anothing thing which can be mentioned is Bobby Singer. He wished Dean could move on, to be one of the ones who make it alive. Dean should've gotten his shot at a normal life. Bobby hoped for that at the end of season 5.

With that in mind, I wonder if Dean'll remember how much Bobby loved him and Sam like they were his own--Bobby did tell a reaper to stick it afterall. The reason I mention this is we saw what fatherhood meant to Bobby and how it affected him. Will Dean start to miss that with regards his own?

Could the Family Stick Together?

I think the Supernatural writers could've made it work, somehow. Maybe they could've made the wife come to terms with hunting after getting saved. Maybe they could get her a small revenge arc where she plotted the death of a demon. Or maybe Ben could've convinced Dean that he loved him and wanted him still in his life, and the wife could do the same. I don't know exactly what scenario would work (there are many more than the ones I mentioned), but it seems a shame to cut Dean Winchester off from this great source of character development.

Also, season 7's events where Sam and Dean Winchester became criminals could lead to a possibly interesting episode Dean tries to convince them otherwise only to fight off a leviathan later (this is a possibility if they choose to reunite the family). Maybe they can have a flashback sequence similar to Castiel. Play some awesome awesome music and we're good to go.

Chuck Hates Dean Winchester--P.S. Love You Chuck

It's cruel how they treat Dean at times. I mean, he went to Hell, dealt with a druggie brother, fought off angels and demons alike, saw his mother die twice (one time in ghost form), witnessed Sam dying, was killed by hell hounds, etc. And that was in the first five seasons.

But in season 6 and 7, he lost his family after almost losing them to Crowley, nearly became a vampire and almost attacked his son. Castiel betrayed him and became mad with souls. He killed an actual monster daughter of his in "Slice Girls." Bobby Singer is gone. And now he's in Purgatory, meeting probably every bloody thing he ever hunted.

Chuck owes Dean a beer majorly.

My Closing Thoughts on Dean Winchester and Family

I honestly feel family and "real world" responsibilities have to come into the picture at some point, and Dean already has one set up. All the writers need to do is reunite them. It would add a new dynamic and might make the show more lighthearted.

These are my thoughts on Dean Winchester in season 8 of Supernatural. Please leave feedback whether positive or negative or comments. No spoilers please, unless it's from official interviews from the cast or writers. Thank you so much for reading.

Do You Think Dean Should Have His Family?

Should the writers bring back the family?

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    • profile image

      orlane 4 years ago

      I think dean have a kid because he is married.

    • profile image

      sarah 4 years ago

      Dean Winchester you are a cute guy on your T.V. show. I like your show is supernatural .

    • ScarlaBlack profile image

      ScarlaBlack 4 years ago from Georgia

      I definitely think Dean deserves a family, but I'm not sure Lisa and Ben are the right ones. Jensen has said that he believes Dean loves the IDEA of Lisa as the "apple pie normal life" but never truly loved her, which I think he portrayed in his acting and the writers showed in taking away Lisa's personality in Season 6 when she was so spunky in Season 3.

      Personally I'm on board with his finding Castiel as his new family, and accepting that, while his version of family isn't exactly what most people call normal, it's what he wants and needs.

    • profile image

      debbie 4 years ago

      i hope your wrong about dean ending up dead i wouldn't like supernatural to finish with either of the guys dead they have done a hell of a lot for everyone saved them time after time saved the world etc i think they should both have a happy ending sam with amelia and although i liked lisa and ben if not with them at lest with someone if the demons are all locked away in hell at the end there is no reason the guys carnt get on with there own lives again.

    • profile image

      Megzy 4 years ago

      This was a good topic to bring up, but no, Lisa and Ben shouldn't return on the show. Watching Dean cry as Cas made them forget him was heartbreaking, but the show has moved away from Lisa and Ben. Their relationship with Dean wasn't natural. He was never truly happy without Sam in the picture. Yes, I think Dean was somewhat content with Lisa and Ben. He did love them, but Dean is-and always will be-a hunter. Honestly, and this is just my personal opinion, I think Dean will either end up dead (I hate saying that. Dean is my favorite TV character of all-time) or he'll find a woman similar to Jo. She could hold her own and she was already involved in his hunting world. Dean with a normal woman just doesn't seem natural. For Sam, yes; he has always wanted (since season 1 episode 1) to be part of the rest of the world. Dean, on the other hand, was always hunting. He may not always be okay with it, but being a hunter is kind of who he is.

      No more Lisa and Ben. It'd be cool if there were a couple flashbacks with them, but bringing them back would feel like a couple steps back in Dean's character development.

    • profile image

      rehana 5 years ago

      i could hug jamieW u so nailed of course it was forced lol ..dean need to carry on the wincheaster family name and lisa and ben are not how u do it ..there like old old new plus ben nt even winchester :P plus i don't really like lisa for him ... he need some one smart tuff and sexy :P hehe who can kick his ass and keep hm on his toe"s ..... that said he do need a love interest we all agree dean need love interest the thing is he don’t need a per made family like with lisa an ben no offense he need a whinchester family where deamon keep coming and family business count’d into next generation so they need to interduce some new And the best actress is Allison mack (yea I love sv ) put SPN writer /porducer/ important ppl so need her on this show like yesterday :p one she has really large fan base so that mean rating increase 2 they need a somebody constant in guys lifes and since dean is one most heartfelt who been true so much he need somebody since bobby death the humor has been slow they need to bring him back :p anyway like I said Allison mack. And jesen would have amazing chemistry cause there like the most talented actors/actress on cw ever :p they can talk to a lamp post an look sexy/amazing ! So they need a female hunter/physic one that Like short (cause dean is tall) kick ass smart , has humor who those nt woo an fall head over heels for dean but kick his ass ,save his ass an earn his trust as well as his heart one who can have a porduce a baby winchester (while kick ass) out an portect it who join him on hunt and tagg sam along a small (in high) spunky female who got dean on his toe getting troubble etc and allison mack would fit that part (yea may be a lil baius). I am chlean shipper bt I don’t want her to been like her character on sv but some sexy smart hunter who kickass. I swear it would be epic is u could just see in head lol ...there so much they can do with that like return of past demon who after winchester family cause dean son can be the a power hunter that end it all or something a have grandparents /bobby ghost pop in every now and then lol yea yea i am dreaming :P

    • profile image

      SPN 5 years ago

      I noticed that you called Lisa 'wife'. Lisa wasn't Dean's wife, just his girlfriend.. And Ben is not his son.

    • profile image

      JamieW 5 years ago

      I think Dean should have a family, yeah, but definitely not Lisa and Ben. That always seemed kind of imposed to me, not natural at all. And besides, Lisa never got Dean, not really. And IMHO, Lisa gave up at the very moment things got hard. Dean needs a "thick or thin" kind of girl. Someone who is able to understand even when he doesn't open up. Someone who will hold him without expecting any heart to heart, but just because. And he deserves to have his own child, poor guy. His womanizer ways are just a façade in my opinion and he really is father material. Besides, I think being a father would help him with daddy issues of his own. My 2 cents.