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Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - Courtney Yates

Updated on February 12, 2010

Courtney is definitely one of those memorable characters from Survivor's history.  She was definitely a villain on Survivor: China with her zingers and her mouth.  When she didn't like someone or their actions, Courtney was not afraid to step out and speak her mind. 

Also known for her skinny frame, Courtney got to the point in China where she was almost scarily thin.  No one expected her to make it so far in the game, but in the end, she finished in second place behind winner Todd Herzog, with two votes.  Surprisingly, she got a vote on the jury from James Clement, who is now on the tribe opposite of her in this 20th season.

Tougher than She Looks

One of Courtney's game strategies in China was to make strong alliances and be upfront and honest about her feelings toward her tribemates. For the most part, people know where they stand with Courtney. She's likable, fun, and flirty. And, for her size, she's surprisingly tough as nails. Courtney will give 100% in challenges and never give up, despite her scrappy size.

After her first run on Survivor, Courtney took a lot of flack online with people accusing her of having an eating disorder. Cries of "She's anorexic!" littered blogs and internet talk for months. While the show was being broadcast, many people were expecting her to fall out from fatigue at any moment. Many people were angry at the producers for allowing her to play when she was so obviously emaciated.

Despite internet rumors and speculation, however, Courtney never gave up and she never let her weight loss keep her from working hard to win the game. She's definitely tougher than she looks, and even though she is thin, she is feisty.  Yates says that her thinness is in her genes, and she has never once let it hold her back.

Playing for Herself

Courtney isn't exactly the type of person who blends in.  She speaks her mind and isn't afraid to tell people when she doesn't like them.  One of her most notorious enemies was Jean Robert.  She HATED him!  Her mouth was definitely ready to go off at any moment.  She can tell someone off better than just about anyone who has ever played the game.

But as far as gameplay goes, what did she really do?  She didn't really try that hard to win, and yet she ended up in the right alliance and made it to the final 3.  Now that she's back and in the Villains tribe, her game might be to just play the game for herself.  Make friends with people she likes, speak openly against people she doesn't like.  For some people, honesty can be a liability, but for Courtney, it seemed to work out for her.  Only time will tell if the same gameplan will work with the villains.


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