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Survivor Philippines -- The Families Visit

Updated on December 9, 2012

Another plot against Malcolm foiled

Sometimes I think reality shows try to put twists in that will allow obnoxious players to stay in the game. Like the non-elimination leg for the obnoxious Twinnies on Amazing Race, and the auction item that saved Abi-Normal and allowed her to stay for another week. Granted, they couldn’t be sure she would buy the advantage at the auction, but they could have hoped she would.

Abi-Normal still thinks people don’t like her because she’s too honest; not that she’s a backstabber who alienates everyone foolish enough to try to be in an alliance with her. She’s still yapping about having a fourth immunity idol, which people may buy and allow the dingbat to stay in the game even further.

Lisa thinks Jonathan was right and Malcolm is playing a brilliant game, but she says betraying Malcolm and Denise goes against who she is.

Reward Challenge –

It’s that time of the year when the families are shipped in and then they get paired up with a survivor for the Reward Challenge:

Mike’s son. Mike’s overjoyed to see him.

Carter’s mom. Never saw a mom jump up and straddle her son.

Denise’s husband Brad. She straddles him, too.

Lisa’s brother, Justice. She breaks down and cries.

Abi-Normal’s mom Vera.

And Malcolm’s brother, Miles.

Challenge – toss a muddy bag to their loved one and knock down bamboo pole. Have to knock down 5 to win. Malcolm and his brother Miles win reward. Miles gets to spend the afternoon and night. Malcolm lets Lisa keep her brother since she’s been having a hard time. Malcolm also chooses Mike’s son. Think it was strategic, to keep Lisa and Mike on Team Malcolm. Malcolm says he’s rewarding Mike and Lisa for sticking with him. Unfortunately, it may bite him in the butt.

The families are brought back to camp. Malcolm worried his brother Miles running his mouth could cost him. Like father, like son. Mike Jr. injures himself trying to climb up a tree. Lisa tells her brother she doesn’t want Malcolm in final three, because he’d win it. She talks strategy with her brother. He reminds her it’s just a game. Mike talking about blindsiding Malcolm. Lisa’s brother encourages her to blindside Malcolm.

In a moment that had me rolling my eyes in disgust, the foursome prayers about it. Lisa says they’re leaving it in God’s hands to decide if he wants Malcolm out of the game. God doesn’t care who wins a reality TV show competition which may be why another plot of Lisa’s to sandbag Malcolm blows chunks right in Lisa’s face once again.

Immunity Challenge –

Race across a bamboo balance beam. Use a hook to bring up three bags and to fasten together a pole to reach a target you need to press to drop your flag. First person to drop their flag wins.

Jeff notes how slow Abi is taking with getting her three bags back to shore, like she things she has all the time in the world to complete the task.

Ultimately, Malcolm wins immunity sandbagging Lisa and Mike’s plan to get rid of him.

So, who will be the next target since Malcolm is safe? Lisa says they prayed and God closed the door. Mike asks if she’d rather vote Abi or Carter. Malcolm suggests Carter. Carter comes up while Malcolm is suggesting his ouster. He says they should let him stay because he deserves to stay. Unfortunately, the rest of the tribe sees Carter as a huge threat since he’s been doing incredibly good at the challenges.

Abi starts annoying everyone. Denise suggests Abi let it go when she starts bullying Lisa. She claims she has an immunity idol again. She puts a fake idol in her pocket to convince everyone she has one. Says she even believes it.

Malcolm says he’s thinking of sending Abi home because she’s a bitch.

Carter says he thinks he’s played a game where he deserves to be in final five more than Abi-Normal.

Abi-Normal doesn’t think she’s brought any tension to the tribe.

Unfortunately, Carter gets voted out, while the crazy gets to stay. Hopefully, the fact she didn’t use her phantom immunity idol will convince the rest she lying.


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