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Survivor -- Redemption Island -- And Then There Were None

Updated on April 29, 2011

Jeff the pot-stirrer Probst does a recap of the Godfather Rob Show. Earlier in the week, CBS ran a promo suggesting the Rob Mob was going to turn on each other. I think CBS knows watching The Godfather control the game right to the end isn't good viewing. That's why I think the show is going to pull a fast one and Boston Slob and his Slobettes are going to have the rug pulled right out from under them. The show can't directly interfere with game play and get the nimrods to turn on their lord and master, but they can manipulate other things, like Redemption Island.

They're going to pull a fast one on Redemption Island. With the double tribal council, now there will be four people people competing in the competition, with presumably one person being on the jury. I think they're going to send three people back into the game, but not until the Rob Mob has been broken up, since it would make no sense to send the people back while the Slobettes were still banded together. They'd just vote the ones who came back out all over again.

I think the Master Manipulator will turn on his concubines first. I had to laugh how smug Andrea was that she's safe. Little did she know if Steve hadn't tried to talk sense to the concubines, little Andrea would have been sent to Redemption Island instead of Steve. He's also previously talked of getting rid of Ashley. So they'll obviously be one of the ones to go first. It would be hilarious if when Jeff tells the concubine voted out to bring her torch, he says you're now a member of the jury and has the survivors from Redemption Island rejoin the game. Of course, for this to work, they would have to have an equal amount of RI players to compete against the Slobettes or the same thing would happen all over again.

Another way it could go is this year the two people facing each other for the million dollars will be the last survivor standing from RI and the main island, which will also pull the rug out from under Boston Slob's big plan to bring Phillip to the finals, because no one would vote for Phillip. If Slob were to go up against Matt, he just might not win.

The Slobettes are really stupid voting out Julie, Steve and Ralph. They haven't been able to win against the young bloods. That was the time to team up with them and vote out Rob. But their mindless puppets that don't seem to think when it comes time to vote some of the Slobs out, that the one who'll be going isn't them. To be honest, Rob could beat any of the Slobs, since a game strategy of being a mindless puppet doesn't win you votes for ultimate survivor.

When the tribe got back from council, Steve held his hand out to Phillip and made peace with him. But Steve thought after Phillips accusations he should have been the one to approach him, while Phillip doesn't believe it's genuine and declares Steve will be the next to be voted out.

Phillip is a different breed then the rest of the mindless droids that make up Team Slob He actually thinks he has some control over who is going home. Probably the lowest moment of this season was when Psycho Phil managed to find his shorts. He said he had a dream which told him he would find them, and he did just that. Julie had to mention burying them under a rock. He was waving his dirty funky shorts around as he returned triumphantly to camp, planning to rub Julie's nose in the fact he found them.

Over at Redemption Island Julie and Mike are talking about Matt. They think his spirit may be broken because of the double betrayal he endured. Matt says he's pretty much over this game and doesn't care if he stays or goes and says the same thing at the RI challenge.

The challenge is shuffle board, and Matt comes in first and Mike comes in second, making Julie the next member of the jury. Jeff says God isn't ready for Matt to leave the game, yet. Julie tells Matt of the effect his faith has had on her. That she's facing foreclosure of her house and that's why she was there to try and win the money to save her house, but says when she gets home she's going to get back in touch with her religion and feels God will let things be okay no matter what happens.

During the challenge, Andrea says she thinks Matt gave her a dirty look. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be because you stabbed him in the back twice. She says she feels a little bad because she played him the hardest, but she feels secure in her place in the Slob Mob.

This week's Immunity Challenge is the log roll. Jeff picks two tribe members to face off on a log that's in the water and the one that falls off first makes it to the next round until there's only one person left standing.

1st Round:

Grant defeats Rob

Ashley defeats Andrea

Ralph defeats Steve

Phillip defeats Natalie

2nd Round

Grant defeats Ashley

Ralph defeats Phillip

Final Round:

Grant defeats Ralph

Grant gets a chocolate cake and can share it with two people. He, of course, picks his slave master to share it with, and even though Ralph begs to be the second person, and since he came in second place, Grant picks Andrea. The selfish Slobs still refuse to share anything with the Zapas.

Master Slob declares Ralph will go first, and so it is. At the immunity challenge, Jeff threw a package to Steve, and the Godfather guessed correctly that there's going to be two tribal councils back-to-back. The second is a memory game, remembering which tiles Jeff showed when asked. Slob wins, not that he needs immunity, and Steve is voted out next. Now there's just Slobs left and they can start picking off each other one-by-one.

Like I said before, now there's four people to compete in the RI challenge. Something is definitely up with Redemption Island. Hopefully it's something that shows the smug Slobettes who think they control the game that they control nothing.


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