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Survivor Redemption Island -- Two Tribal Councils For The Price Of One

Updated on April 14, 2011

Boston Slob and The Slobettes: More Repulsive Than Russell Ever Thought Of Being

I had to wait overnight to write this since it would be spewing with venom from my utter disgust with Boston Slob and his Slobettes. As you can see by the title, a good night's sleep hasn't done much to help.In the history of Survivor I've never seen a more disgusting and repulsive group of people in my life. Their smugness and arrogance are virtually intolerable to watch. If they succeed in getting rid of all the players but their smug and arrogant selves, I don't know if I can stomach watching these nasty repulsive creeps. Of course, it might hold some sort of malicious enjoyment watching the victimizers become the victims as they turn on each other when there's no one left but their smug and arrogant selves.

I can't decide which one of them I despise most. Boston Slob [honey, keep your hat on, you don't look so good without it.]. Boston Slob's three mindless concubines. Or the King Moron Phillip.

The episode began with Matt arriving back at Redemption Island beating up on himself for being the most naive person, ever. He's just a decent and honest guy. He's not a mindless drone like the rest of the Slobettes or Jim Jones wannabe Boston Slob. Matt isn't sure what God's plan is for him. Maybe it's to have those backstabbers stab him in the back twice and get redemption my taking those nasty little creeps down one-by-one.

Back at camp the Zapatera survivors are still talking about what Slob and the Slobettes did to Matt. Dave likens what Slob did to Matt as what a gangster would do. Julie said after all Matt went through to get back in the game it was cold-blooded what they did to Matt.

Ralph approaches two of Slob's concubines, Ashley and Nat, to ask if he's next of the chopping block. Their master doesn't want them talking to him or any Zaptera so they won't talk to him. Ralph tells Ashley he'll take her to the final three, when Concubine Nat asks Concubine Ashley if she's going to tell Grand Master Slob about this, Concubine Ashley says no. So Concubine Nat runs to Grand Master Slob to betray her sister to Grand Master Slob. The Slob is not happy his concubine is keeping things from him, so she puts a target on her back as being unworthy of being a Slobette.

Slob tells the cameras he's making sure the two former tribes don't merge. He tells his Slobs when to eat and won't allow them to eat with the other tribe. He makes sure they sleep together away from the Zapatera's. And he's encouraging these mental midgets to act smug and arrogant to the Zapatera's.

That idiot, Phillip, is going around with a feather stuck in his buff. [Me rolling my eyes.] He claims he was looking for a sign and found the feather. He also claims, I think, he received a visitation from his grandfather. I try not to listen to the gibberish that comes out of this fools mouth. He needs no encouragement to act smug and arrogant, he wallows in those two cesspools on a regular basis.

The first immunity challenge of the night involves three rounds. The first found everyone competes to dig up a club and smash a tile. The first five who do that make it to the next round where you have to dip you head under water and spit the water in a beaker and fill it up to a certain point. The three who do that first make it to the final round where you have to solve a puzzle.

Grant, Rob, Ralph, David and Julie make it to the second round. And Grant, Mike and Dave make it to the final round. I actually thought the Zapatera's had a chance to turn this around, since they had a two-to-one chance of pulling off a victory, but Grant puts the puzzle together fastest and wins immunity.

Afterwards, Mike is sure one of them will be going home. That's pretty much a no-brainer. He likens Slob to a prison guard, only his prisoners are too dumb to get that they're imprisoned. Mike and Dave decide to screw with the idiots by digging under the flag hoping to find an immunity idol. Slob and his Slobette's immediately mob the place they were digging with shovels. Slob is worried that maybe Mike and Dave found an immunity idol before they could get to it.

Slob decides who his slobettes should vote out. The little worm is afraid of Matt getting back in the game, so he picks a player he hopes will beat Matt and stop him from returning to the game.

At tribal council the Zapa's trying to stick it to Phillip, but the man is so clueless it's like throwing pebbles at a big rock. It has no affect, at all. Mike declares Phil is insecure. Ralph makes fun of him. Dave says he sounds like a lunatic when he goes on about being a secret agent in three different agencies. Agreed! If the man really were a secret agent, one of these agencies would put a hit out on him for being such a blabbermouth about it.

Mike gets the boot because Slob feels he has the best chance to beat Matt.

Slob sucking up to Phil because he knows he's a loyal soldier. Slob is thinking of taking Phil to final two because he knows no one would vote for this fool to win. Phil says he knows Slob will take him to final two, and now is not the time to make his move. Yeah, whatever, dude! 

The latest ousting of a Zapatera member has made the Slobettes even more smug and arrogant than they were before, if that was possible. People this smug and arrogant are headed for a fall and they never see it coming because they're so smug and arrogant and think nothing can touch them. But it doesn't look like it'll come from a Zapatera. 

The next immunity challenge involves hanging from a pole by your legs. Steve and Secret Agent Man decide to sit out the challenge and pig out on cheeseburgers since all the players are given that option.

Rob is the first to fall off. Julie is next. Followed by Grant, Ralph and David. The final three are Slob's concubines. Doesn't even matter who wins since these mindless droids will do whatever their master tells them to. The winner is Matt backstabber Andrea. 

When Ralph finds fish and offers to share it with the other tribe, Rob says it isn't good and won't allow his droids to eat it. Instead he orders them all to go a lay down and take a nap. Grant breaks ranks for a few seconds, before minding his lord and master and rejoining the rest of the Borgs. 

David says those people are like a cult and Boston Slob is their leader. He's right. I bet those morons even ask Slob when they can go to bathroom and report back just what they did while taking a dump: what color it was, how much it was and what it smelled like.

Secret Agent Man is smug about how they're controlling the game. Ralph, however, digs the big super spy about how he ate hamburgers instead of competing in the challenge. Julie comes out and tells the Slobettes like it is, their the People's Temple to Boston Slobs Reverend Jim Jones. Of course, it doesn't wake-up any of these losers to vote against him and they do what their idol tells them to do and vote out David.

Unless some twist happens to take out Rev Jones and his People's Temple it isn't going to be interesting to continue to watch. Who wants to watch as these mindless idiots do whatever their God tells them to do. There's not even a hope of anything upsetting Slob's apple cart. I wish the twist would be that after the Slobettes vote all of Zapatera off Jeff says Matt and the Zapa's are all coming back and they take these nasty smug arrogant creeps down one-by-one. 

If the final Redemption Island battle is between Matt, Dave and Mike, I can only hope Matt wins. After what Slob and the Slobettes did to him, he hopefully won't be taken in by them, again. Dave and Mike proved they can't win against them. Matt has beaten every person he's come up against in challenges on RI. So he has the best hope of hopefully winning immunity and taking them out one-by-one. Once there are no more Zapatera's the rats will finally start turning on each other if they have an ounce of intelligence of any of their pea brains.

I suppose from a psychological and sociological perspective watching how Boston Slob morphed into Jim Jones and gain total control of these people is a fascinating study. I was working the first few nights Survivor was on, so I don't know how this little twerp has gotten total control over these people. Are the concubines aware Slob is married and just had a child? Watching the total control this man has over these people was disturbing and creepy.

As bad as I wanted Russell out, maybe the Zapatera should have kept him. I can see why Steve has given up. The three remaining Zapatera's are old and even if one should win an immunity challenge, it won't stop the Slobettes from voting out another Zapatera. 

This is why I prefer the Amazing Race when it comes to reality game shows. You win based on your own abilities and not some pack of morons ganging up and voting you out. If Survivor was based on that Boston Slob would have gone a long time ago based on how poorly he did in the immunity comps, this week.


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 6 years ago from New Jersey

      Phillip is really a nutjob. Watching Survivor is my guilty pleasure. I can't keep away, I have never seen such morons. It really cracks me up when the idiots decide to make camp on the beach, then everything gets washed away at the first full moon. Wouldn't you at least camp for a few days to see if you could do it before you would go on a TV show where you could possibly be camping for 39 days? Matt is cute, and I respect his religion and moral code, but don't think God wanted him to be stupid and tell Rob/Slob that he was confused as to whether he should go back to the tribe that voted him out.