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Celebrating The Uncelebrated - [SUZETTE JANCZAK] by SUNNY ACHE

Updated on September 7, 2016


Aloha! With her family lineage rooted in Hawai’i and in her soul, Suzette Janczak loves dancing hula and staying connected with her Kumu and hula brothers and sisters in their halau.
Like most people, she claims to have a “bucket list,” and being affiliated with this halau is one of the items she can check off. Another item is participating in hula competitions. “I have competed both domestically and internationally, performed in professional stadiums, been televised

Suzette Janczak on the right 
Suzette Janczak on the right 

for fundraising events and in many televised parades,” she said. “I don’t mind sharing what I’ve learned and spreading the Aloha spirit. So whether I’m performing for thousands of people or a small house party, the message and feeling is always the same,” she added with a sexy smile across her face.
She has a deep love of the arts. “Creativity and imagination always capture my attention,” she said. “A lot of my release comes from painting, drawing and photography.” She’s known to dress according to the environment. She has a business professional wardrobe, “kick-around outfits” when out on a free day motor biking and/or hiking, and then evening wear – “To the nines, baby!” – as described in her own words.

“I’d describe my cool style as Island flare – I love bringing paradise with me everywhere I go. Aloha Friday? Forget about it…Aloha everyday!” She laughed and continued, “I believe color always dictates your mood. As a rule of thumb, I never mix cool and warm colors. It messes up my energy and I feel off balance all day.”

She loves adding a pop of color or “shocker” to her outfits with loud and strange jewelry – rings and bracelets mostly. “I surprisingly have a lot of animal-inspired jewelry. Octopus, spiders and snakes get a few reactions. Not to worry, lots of compliments on my dragonfly collection, too.”

Keeping it classy and not too revealing, she observes that the more a person shows, the more negative attention they get from the opposite sex (and at times from the same sex). “I always try to keep the positive energy around me by making sure I don’t send the wrong signals about who I am.” She told us that she tries to dress for the occasion and know the general feel of the patrons so she doesn’t feel out of place by being under- or over-dressed. Going into a dive bar wearing heels and an up-do doesn’t make for a comfortable night for her.

“Here’s a funny story for you…When I was a child, I had no concept of style or fashion, as most children don’t. But mine was worse than average and I NEVER let anyone sway my wardrobe decisions. My justification (for wearing plaid and polka-dots together) was that there were similar colors in each piece. As I grew, I paid attention to the detail and what made me feel/look good. Now my siblings (and friends) have all expressed how much the envy my wardrobe and ask for styling advice all the time...funny how the tables have turned.”
In her closet she cannot live without her denim jeans, Ni’ihau shell necklace (equivalent to diamonds from the Hawaiian Islands) and her little black dress.

In conclusion, she said her fashion inspiration comes mostly from nature, not one person in particular. “I never like to box myself in with one person’s style; it would be way too boring,” Suzette said.
As she gets older she does battle with what is “age appropriate,” and finds herself still wanting to head for the younger crowd’s clothes rack. “I feel it’s okay to wear what makes you feel good as long as you do it with class. The other thing I tend to do is ignore the size label. We box ourselves in with media’s definition of what beauty is and it hammers our self-esteem. I don’t care what size the label reads – if its comfortable, it’s mine.”


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