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Suzuki Omnichord or QChord - The Easy to Play Musical Instrument

Updated on March 18, 2011

If you have always wanted to play an instrument, but either don’t have the time and energy to put into learning or maybe just don’t have much musical ability, the Omnichord or QChord (also called Q Chord sometimes) is the instrument for you! The Omnichord is very simple to play and has about a 5-minute learning curve. The Suzuki Omnichord is basically an electronic version of the autoharp. Each major, minor, and 7th chord has a button on the instrument. To play a chord, you just push the right button and the chord plays for you. There is a area that produces a strumming sound when brushed over. The affect is that of an accompaniment instrument being strummed or gently picked. Literally anyone, regardless of musical ability, can play this instrument nicely after a little bit of time spent playing around with it and learning where everything is!

 The Omnichord is made only by Suzuki.  The first few generations were called the Omnichord, which is the most commonly encountered variation, and the new models go by the name QChord.  All of them work in a very similar, easy fashion.  A number of well-known musicians, including David Bowie, have played them on occasion.  Many songwriters like them because the simplicity of the instrument allows them to try a song immediately without having to dig up musicians to play it. 

 Definitely, try it out if you want to be able to enjoy playing an instrument with almost no time and effort involved!  The Suzuki Q Chord can be purchased currently.  The older Omnichord (a design that I prefer) is not available new, but can be bought on Ebay or other such sites. 


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