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Switched At Birth -- A Bad Influence

Updated on October 9, 2012

John and Kathryn meet Medusa and fear she’s a bad influence on Bay. By episode end they appear to be right on the money. Daphne also meets her and thinks she’s trying to jack Bay’s car. Even after she learns she was wrong, Daphne really doesn’t seem to like her.

Since John and Kathryn’s Be The Better Bay speech didn’t work, Kathryn has the idea to have a dinner party and invite Bay’s summer-time boyfriend, Alex, whom she dumped because she still had feelings for Emmett for dinner with his parents. Alex is stung when he realizes Bay had nothing to do with him being invited. She adds insult to injury when she gets Alex to be her cover as she tries to withdraw $1500 from the ATM machine to bail her buddy Medusa out of jail. Since she can only take $300 out, she gets Alex to drive her to John’s car wash. They find Travis sleeping in John’s office. Bay gets him to open the safe, where he lets her take the rest of the money she needs, but says she needs to have it back by morning or his neck is going to be on the line.

When Bay bails out Medusa, she learns Medusa didn’t happen to mention she was also bailing her buddy Mouse out, as well. When Bay says she needs the money back, Medusa kind of brushes off when she can get the money back. She also tells Bay she shouldn’t hang with them for awhile. In short, Bay comes away from the whole thing feeling used.

Meanwhile, Daphne discovers having a romance with the boss can have some rough waters. When fellow employee, Scuba, asks Daphne out and she turns him down, he quickly realizes what’s going on between Daphne and Chef. He tries to use that to his advantage when he ruins the shrimp and gets Daphne to take the blame for him. However, Chef figures out the truth later and fires Scuba. Before leaving, Scuba has his revenge by revealing to everyone in the kitchen Daphne and Chef are carrying on with each other. Daphne isn’t pleased, as she feels everyone will think she got her job because she’s dating the boss. Chef tells her to hang tough and believes she’ll be able to show them all she deserves her job.

Regina tries to get things back on track with Patrick, with Angelo out of town. Unfortunately, when Alex’s parents stage an impromptu salsa class during Kathryn’s party and Patrick learns in the past Angelo and Regina took dance lessons together, he says goodbye to her. He feels her marriage to Angelo is really a real marriage.

Toby’s budding relationship with Nicky also doesn’t look like it’s heading for happily ever after. Nicky off-handedly reveals she has a long-distance boyfriend. She also plays a song for him she wrote about the man who killed her father. She says her anger about it was ruining her life, until she finally made herself let it go. It inspires Toby to let his anger at Emmett go and ask Emmett if he’d like to form another band with him, and Emmett happily agrees.

I thought Toby was going to visit Simone. It kind of says it all on who is more important to Toby.

So, as we leave the Kinnish-Vasquez household Bay has a big problem on her hands needing to get the money back she took And what will the parents do when they learn of Daphne’s romance with Chef?


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