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Switched At Birth -- Has Daphne Really Let Emmett Go?

Updated on January 25, 2012

Katherine, Daphne Isn't Such A Sweet Flower

I was already to say, "Emmett, you dog! What about Bay?" When Emmett kissed Daphne while she was tutoring him. Thankfully, it was just Daphne's fantasy. In the real world, Melody comes home and gushes all over Daphne while telling Emmett he has to sell his motorcycle, Ripley, to pay off the fine he owes.

Daphne goes on a crusade to get the money to save Emmett's motorcycle. First, she tries selling cupcakes to make the money. Then she goes to John and Katherine a lies that she lost her hearing aides so they cut her a check for $5,000, no questions asked. She goes to text Emmett about having the money, but texts Regina, instead. You know, I was hoping Daphne would present the check to Emmett and he would have refused to take it. Daphne's so sure that Emmett would take the money from her and not Bay. I'd have loved for Miss All-Knowing to find out she was wrong.

I think Daphne was so hot to get the money for Emmett because she thought that would make him dump Bay and get together with her. I might have been on Team Daphne's side, but when she was with Liam, she blew Emmett off and made it clear she wasn't interested in him that way. Now that she suddenly wants Emmett she thinks he should just dump Bay and start things up with her because she wants him that way now.

Anyway, Regina makes Daphne go to Katherine and tell her the truth. Katherine is hurt by what Daphne did, but it isn't long before she's trying to blame Daphne's actions on Bay.. Sweet little Daphne couldn't possibly have thought of doing this on her own, Bay had to put her up to it. Guess what, Katherine, she did. It was all her own idea. See, she's got a bit more of Regina in her than you want to believe.

Bay suggests they go to Wilkie for the money. Earlier, Wilkie wouldn't buy one of Daphne's cupcakes and he switched cooking partners, which seemed to surprise Daphne. Considering the way she talked to him in the bar and blew him off, she's lucky Wilkie was a polite to her as he was. Basically, you're good enough to cry on your shoulder and cheer me up, but I would never consider you as boyfriend material. Wilkie says he's help if he could, but the well is dry.

Wilkie has sunk his money into a music video he, Toby and Simone are filming. Simone reveals to Toby that she's interested in him romantically.

Wilkie's words about knowing when to let someone go seem to finally get through to Daphne when she appears to let Emmett go and encourages him to take a last ride of his bike with Bay. She calls Wilkie to pick her up and he gives her a ride home, seeming to hope he still has a chance with her.

John and Katherine hire a new lawyer. Don't know if I trust him. He seems a bit of a suck-up to me. Probably me projecting the actors past roles on his current one, since he always plays a sleazeball.

John goes to confront Angelo about the missing two years of his life. He claims he was being kept by a rich woman, but is that really the truth. Then John tells Angelo a little truth of his own: Regina knew about the switch for 13 years. Angelo goes ballistic when he finds out and vows to take away the financial backing for Regina's salon. Later, he says he believes her and forgives her and they share a kiss.

Melody's continued nastiness to Bay ends up making her taste the bitter harvest she's reaped. After Emmett gives her the check for the sale of his motorcycle, he tells her he's moving in with his father. So instead of dumping Bay, Melody, it appears he's dumping you.

I know Daphne is always found of claiming it's all about Bay, but it's really all about Daphne. Regina must check with Daphne if it's okay to go in business with Angelo. Katherine blames Bay for Daphne's bad behavior because Daphne would never think up something like that on her own. After initially trying to get to know Bay, Angelo seems to be concentrating all his efforts on getting Daphne to forgive him.


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    • vanessafunk profile image

      vanessafunk 5 years ago from Syracuse, New York

      I still think Emmett and Daphne would make a great couple she just realized it too late. I think Melody has been entirely too hard on Emmett. It's not coming off as parenting but more as her way of trying to get rid of Bay. I think Wilke is bad for everyone and he doesn't seem like the type to like anyone for long. I don't trust that Simone girl at all and yes when I look at the new lawyer I picture him blackmailing Brie on desperate housewives! I do think that Daphne's behavior is due to all that Bay dished out when the show first started. I mean everything made Bay uncomfortable so Daphne would give in to please her. I really feel this is why she isn't backing down with Emmett!