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Switched At Birth -- John's A Pressure Cooker Just Waiting To Explode

Updated on July 2, 2013

We lost Noah for this?

Noah was probably the best Daphne love interest since Wilke. He also had a great story about him going deaf. It would have been a great story for Daphne. Maybe the actor has other commitments. Unfortunately, instead of Noah and Daphne, we're stuck with Barista Boy. This dude is boring, obnoxious and just not interesting. Now he runs a political blog where he posts gossip to attack politicians and he hosts parties to get people drunk so they'll spill their secrets to him. Yuck! Can we bring back Chef Jeff?

Daphne gets the insensitive award when she wanted to bring Travis to Barista Boy's party to make him jealous. She does realize the dude might still be crushing on her? She didn't end up doing it, and got Emmett to be her date, but still that she even thought of it is pretty crummy.

Meanwhile Bay noticed her new friend, Mary Beth was down. Seems her mother cleaned out all of her brother, Justin's things. All she has left of him is his dog tags which she's wearing around his neck. Bay knows Mary Beth has a crush on their boss, Mac, at Maui Kansas and she suggests a double date between he and Ty and Mary Beth and Mac. Only Mac makes it clear he's not interested. And things take a tragic turn for Mary Beth when she loses her brother's dog tags and can't find them. They search the putt-putt golf course but can't find them and Mary Beth resigns herself to having lost the last thing she had of her brother's.

John isn't happy when he sees that Angelo has joined his country club. Angelo suggests it would be a good place for Regina to make business contacts. Regina, however, is worried that Angelo's spending too much of his money. Meanwhile Angelo meets a woman at the country club and decides to go into business with her.

Kathryn may wish John didn't have a membership at the country club. They go to have lunch with his boss and as soon as John is away from the table his boss tells Kathryn he's been having dreams about and right now he's trying to picture what he looks like under her dress. Kathryn doesn't know if she should tell John what he said, because she knows John has a very bad temper. Toby advises her not to say anything. However, when John suggests they go away with his boss, she can't keep quiet and tells him what his boss said.

As expected, John goes ballistic and tells his boss what he thinks of him. He knocks everything off the man's desk. The man lets his disdain for John show as he says John only won the election because Patricia Sawyer had to drop out because of her daughter. Right off of that, John learns Ty is back and seeing Bay again. He's upset that Bay didn't tell him Ty was back, but she says she told Regina, which just fires his resentment towards Regina. When he catches Regina at the house collecting Bay's art supplies, he demands to know when Bay will be moving back home. Things escalate between them and John explodes saying he'll never forgive Regina for keeping his child from him all those years. Regina accuses that if she told the truth, John would have taken custody of both girls, and he proves her fears right, saying he would have done just that.

Regina storms off, but as she's about to leave she sees John in the kitchen and decides to start things back up with him. Only when she arrives in the kitchen he's disappeared. Then she sees he's lying on the floor. She calls for Kathryn and Toby but no one's home. She calls 911 and they tell her to start performing CPR. Ironically, it may be Regina, the woman John hates, that will end up saving his life.

Emmett is having his own problems. His father is back and reveals he's got a new girlfriend. He invites him to a Fourth of July party to meet her, but Emmett blows it off. He goes with Daphne to Barista Boy's party instead. He also further upset by the fact that his father is planning to get a cochlear implant. Daphne is thrilled for him, but Emmett is resentful. He talks to Travis figuring since he's deaf with a capital D he'll agree with his disgust over his father wanting to get the cochlear implant. Much to Emmett's shock, Travis reveals he's thought of doing it. He feels it could help him get ahead in the hearing world. That if he had one, John wouldn't have picked Toby as manager over him. Emmett insists it still would have happened because Toby is John's son.

When Emmett's father comes to see him to confront him for not meeting his girlfriend or coming to his party, Emmett makes it clear how displeased he is about his father getting the cochlear implant. Then his father makes an offer I think he hoped Emmett would refuse. He offers not to get the implant if Emmett doesn't want him to. Emmett shows how selfish he is by telling his father not to get it. His father leaves disappointed in Emmett.

Daphne learns a secret that would fit perfectly in Barista Boy's political blog, and tells him, but asks him not to reveal it. Seriously, she shouldn't have told him. It was told to her in confidence. She promises to get him another political story to replace this one, since if it comes out her new friend will suffer along with the politician he wants to bring down. But what if she can't find another story? Anyone want to bet how long before Barista Boy is printing the information Daphne stupidly gave him?

So, we're left with a cliffhanger on if John will survive or not? Will Regina be blamed because they had a fight before it happened? Will this affect Toby's plans to marry Nikki? Will it bring Bay home? How will Daphne react to it? And if John survives, since he's been becoming quite the elitist jerk lately, will it cause him to rethink his life? Will he decide to resign from his political position not wanting to work with an super sleaze lusting after his wife and who has so little respect for him?


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