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Switched At Birth -- Secrets And Significant Others

Updated on July 31, 2013

Which relationships will survive the truth?

I've seen people on the message boards thrilled at how pro-Regina John became after his little nightmare in the hospital, but for me it's a little too much. No bad dream should cause someone to radically change over something. It would be one thing to be nice to Regina, but John practically falls to his knees and genuflects to her the minute she walks through the door. It just doesn't seem believable and is very over the top. His latest I Love Regina move was to hire her to redecorate his office at the car wash.

Kathryn goes to her father-in-law on Toby's behalf to see if he'll pull some strings to get Toby back into the college he got accepted in and take him off the waiting list. Grandpa Kennish isn't too anxious to do it as he feels Toby doesn't know what the heck he wants, but he appears to ultimately agree to do it. He also decides to pay a visit to John.

Most of Toby's attentions are on the drama Nikki's enduring now that the man who killed her father has been revealed. She wants to go confront him in jail, but they need an adult to go with them to get them into the prison to see the man. Toby goes to Regina asking her to go with them and she agrees. Nikki's bails and runs before she can face down the man, so Toby does it for her and learns a shocking truth about Nikki's father. The man was a drug dealer and the guy who killed him was a desperate junkie wanting a fix.

Bay has an idea to get more people into Maui Kansas. She wants to show the all deaf horror movie, Deafenstein [I think it's called] to attract the deaf crowd to the amusement park. This puts her back in Emmett's sphere as they work together to get a copy of the movie. When they win their bid on the movie, she spontaneously hugs him and then jumps away feeling uncomfortable about it.

Big trouble arrives when the movie arrives and it's actually a porno deaf movie, so Bay gets Emmett to get the copy he has on DVD. When he arrives the copy of the deaf horror movie they all made together is in the DVD case as well, and Bay asks to look at it, as she's never seen the whole thing before. There's a touching scene in the movie between Emmett and Bay, but if I were Bay watching it it would only remind me that while we were filming that Emmett had been lying to me about sleeping with Simone.

Ty walks in on Emmett and Bay watching the movie and accuses Bay of either using him to make Emmett jealous or using Emmett to make him jealous, and storms off. Bay follows him back to his base and discovers Ty has been keeping a big thing from her. He's about to be shipped out soon and hasn't mentioned it to her. Ty says he believes once he's gone Bay will jump back into Emmett's arms like she did the first time he left. Bay basically tells Ty where to stick it and takes off.

At Maui Kansas Travis can't get any girls to give him a go so he drinks too much. When he's at Mary Beth's shooting booth he says he needs to just win once and she lets him shoot even though she can tell he's wasted. Unfortunately, Travis misses the last shot and walks sadly away. However, he seems to have touched Mary Beth in some way, so it looks like Travis may finally get a girlfriend that likes him for him.

Meanwhile, Daphne and Coffee Boy face a make it or break it moment in their budding relationship. Jace takes Daphne to meet a friend of his who was a chef in Paris for a few months and shockers of shockers she and Daphne have something very intimate in common. Who should come bopping through the door as the girls future husband but none other than Daphne's old obsession Chef Jeff.

I guess the big question is was this just a coincidence or did Coffee Boy set the whole thing up. It was only the last episode that Daphne told him about her relationship with Chef Jeff, so the whole thing seems a little too coincidental.

Coffee Boy invites the couple to Maui Kansas. He wants Daphne to out Chef Jeff as a philanderer but she won't do it. So he decides to do it himself. Chef Jeff, of course, blames Daphne and declares he did nothing wrong because they were broken up at the time. Too bad Jace didn't know about Jeff screwing Melody, as well, they he could have ratted that out, too.

Coffee Boy also seems to be having a bad affect on Daphne. First there was the blackmail text they sent Chip to get the bill she wanted passed. And at Maui Kansas a man insults Daphne because she's deaf. Later, she and Coffee Boy discover his wallet, but before returning it they decide to take some money from it to give to Carlton. However, when Jace wants to take even more money out, Daphne thinks it's going too far. Jace basically calls Daphne on her hypocritical behavior. In short, she can't have it both ways. She can't just take a little money from the guys wallet and it's all right because she's giving it to Carlton. Either it's wrong to take any money from the man's wallet or it's right to take all the money from the man's wallet.

So after those two incidents Daphne has some thinking to do if Jace is someone she wants to be with or if he's a bad influence on her getting her to do bad things and finding them acceptable. Personally, taking any money from the man's wallet is wrong, and justifying it because he said something nasty about her is equally wrong. It's as wrong as thinking blackmailing someone for the greater good make it all right to blackmail them.


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