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Switched At Birth --- Stranger In A Strange Land

Updated on January 15, 2013

Bay manages to convince a very reluctant John and Kathryn to allow her to transfer to Carlton, but she quickly learns to be careful what you ask for, cause you just might get it.

Her orientation into life at Carlton isn't a smooth and seamless as she envisioned. She has a hard time keeping up with the teacher and as a result causes the class to be given a lot of homework. She meets up with another hearing student, Teo, and they become each other's port in the storm. She also has major problems from a deaf girl named Natalie who is friend's with Emmett. She gets all up in Bay's face about having to accomodate her.

Meanwhile, John gets Daphne to start up her food truck business in the parking lot of his car wash. However, when she goes to Riverside to get supplies, she learns a lot of businesses have closed down. She decides to take her food truck down to Riverside and offer people food for what they can pay. Javy, whose family runs a local business that's about to go under, takes exception to it, and cuts the power to Daphne's truck. He blames her for his family's failing business, but she fires back that his family's business was in trouble long before she showed up. I think we all see the handwriting on the wall. Javy will be Daphne's new love interest for this season.

Regina gets a nasty shock when Angelo tells her about his pregnant one-nighter, Lana. It's a deal breaker for Regina. She goes to tell Bay about Lana, but learns she already knows. Regina surmises that Bay's fight with Angelo is the only reason he told her the truth. Regina goes to see Angelo and as luck would have it she shares an elevator with Lana, who reveals she's a med student. Regina lets Lana go see Angelo and she decides not to see him, after all.

Toby and Nikki have reached the necking stage, but she's still holding to her chastity. She also wants Kathryn to sing with the band, since she has such a good voice, and Toby agrees for only one song. Things take a sour note between them when Emmett informs Toby someone posted a picture of Nikki at a party topless letting it all hang out. Toby has a big problem with that and has trouble getting past it. Finally, Kathryn reminds Toby of his not-so-stellar past to stop him from being so judgmental about Nikki's past.

Finally, John announced to the family he would be running for the senate. I thought when John helped Daphne with her food truck down in the poor side of town, it might play into his running for senate campaign. That he might see how bad things are for people down there and want to use his campaign to help the people down there. Only it never played out.

So as things stand it looks like Daphne and Bay will have new love interests in Javy and Teo. Sorry, Travis and Emmett. Kathryn may be on the verge of a music career now. And Daphne seems to be off to a good start with her food catering truck.


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